Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Papers 07 March 2021

Here is the Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Paper held on 07 March 2021. LAT stands for Law Admission Test. LAT is made compulsory for taking admission to the 5-year LL.B study scheme. This is now a test for students who wish to be law graduates and want to pursue their career in the field of Law and legal affairs in Pakistan. Here, we have arranged LAT Past Paper held on March 2021 with the solution. Find below Law Admission Test (LAT) Past Paper held on March 2021.

LAT Past Paper 07 March 2021

The following questions were asked in the LAT paper of 07 March 2021:


Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly similar in meaning to the word in capital letters.


A. Famous
B. Popular
C. Getting public attention
D. Disgrace


A. Thankfulness
B. Clove
C. Kind
D. Respect


A. Wound
B. Throat disease
C. Fever
D. Flu


A. Liver specialist
B. Ear Specialist
C. General Physician
D. Eye specialist

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26. Which of the following is the founder of the United States of America?

A. John Adams
B. George Washington
C. Columbus
D. George Bush

27. Which of the following is the founder of the Peoples Republic of China?

A. Sun Yatsen
B. Shou Enial
C. Mao Zedong
D. Deng Xiaoping

28. There are ____ players in a volleyball team.

A. Four
B. Five
C. Six
D. Seven

29. Which of the following card is used as a warning in Football?

A. White
B. Yellow
C. Red
D. Green

30. Samina Baig, is the first woman from Pakistan who has climbed the ____ in 2013.

A. Mount Everest
B. Summit of the K2 mountain
C. Peak Chashkin Sar
D. Peaks of Karakoram

31. The 9/11 attacks on the USA happened in ___.

A. 2000
B. 2001
C. 2002
D. 2003

32. The Iranian Islamic Revolution came in ____.

A. 1979
B. 1980
C. 1981
D. 1982

33. Who attacked Afghanistan in 1979?

B. Taliban
C. Iran
D. Soviet Union

34. Arab Spring is a series of Political revolutions started in ____.

A. 2010
B. 2011
C. 2012
D. 2013

35. Which of the following is the currency of Saudi Arabia?

A. Dirham
B. Dinar
C. Lira
D. Riyal

36. Which of the following is the currency of the Peoples Republic of China?

A. Yen
B. Euro
C. Yuan
D. Tiin

37. The capital of Turkey is _____.

A. Istanbul
B. Ankara
C. Bursa
D. Izmir

38. Which of the following city is located in Punjab province?

A. Dera Ismail Khan
B. Ziarat
C. Sukkur
D. Sahiwal

39. Sui Gas is discovered and originated from ____ province.

A. Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa
B. Punjab
C. Baluchistan
D. Sindh

40. The first Army Chief of Pakistan was _____.

A. General Ayub Khan
B. General Sir Frank Messervy
C. James Wilfred Jefford
D. General Tikka Khan

41. Fam0us football player Diego Maradonna belonged to _____.

A. Brazil
B. Mexico
C. Chile
D. Argentina

42. Pakistan is located in the _____ of India.

A. North
B. South
C. East
D. West

43. The study of sky objects is called _____.

A. Anatomy
B. Astronomy
C. Vision Sciences
D. Metrology

44. Which of the following gas is used to extinguish the fire?

A. Oxygen
B. Hydrogen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Sulphur

45. Name the country with the largest natural gas reserves?

A. India
B. Canada
C. Russia
D. Italy


46. The most significant demand of the Simla Deputation (1906) was _____.

A. Separate homeland for Muslims of India
B. Separate electorate
C. Political Party for Muslims of India
D. Partition of Bengal

47. Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan formed the five-member cabinet under the guidance of:

A. Lord Mountbatten
B. Quaid-e-Azam
C. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali
D. Cheif of Army Staff

48. Pakistan took a firm stand against the expansionist design of the:

A. United States of America
B. Soviet Union
C. British Crown
D. India

49. Social Rights are also called:

A. Legal Rights
B. Natural Rights
C. Civil Rights
D. Mora Rights

50. Good governance can be established only in a strong and stable:

A. Defense System
B. Economy
C. Political culture
D. Accountable system

51. Pakistan has produced some of the world’s finest sportsmen in the field of Hockey, cricket and:

A. Football
B. Badminton
C. Volleyball
D. Squash

52. In which year Urdu was recognized as the language of civil courts of the British government?

A. 1837
B. 1849
C. 1866
D. 1899

53. In the federal form of government powers are divided between the _____.

A. Prime Minister and President
B. Prime Minister and Ministes
C. Federal and Provincial governments
D. President and Cheif Justice

54. Which of the following plays a key role in the development of a country?

A. Political leadership
B. Natural Resources
C. Accountability
D. Information Technology

55. Which year was marked with polarization between the Socialist Bloc led by the Soviet Union and the Capitalist Bloc led by the United States of America?

A. Cold War Era
B. Multi-polar World era
C. Uni-polar world era
D. Hot War Era


56. The biggest virtue as mentioned in Sura Baqra is?

A. Politeness
B. Eman (faith)
C. Hajj
D. Salat

Note: both Eman and Salat are mentioned in Surah Baqrah. The examiner should give separate options rather than both. In our opinion, the Eman (faith) is the biggest virtue according to Surah Baqra as it is the first pillar of Islam.

57. The Sin which will not be forgiven is:

A. Leaving prayer
B. Lie
C. Shirk
D. Treason

58. Seal of the messengers of Allah is:

A. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)
B. Hazrat Musa (AS)
C. Hazrat Essa (AS)
D. Hazrat Adam (AS)

59. The messenger of Allah who made Ship was Hazrat:

A. Adam (AS)
B. Nooh (AS)
C. Ibrahim (AS)
D. Dawood (AS)

60. The disbeliever says that:

A. No prayer is obligatory
B. No fasting is obligatory
C. No hajj is obligatory
D. There is no hereafter

61. Building of Islam is standing upon ___ pillars.

A. three
B. four
C. five
D. six

62. Zakat is obligatory when a Muslim has a wealth worth of ____ tola gold.

A. 4.5
B. 5.5
C. 6.5
D. 7.5

63. The most stressed upon the right of people is:

A. Care of parents
B. Neighborhood
C. Care of children
D. To give way

64. With whom, the two daughters of Prophet Muhammad (PUBH) were married, one after the other?

A. Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)
B. Hazrat Usman (R.A)
C. Hazrat Talha (R.A)
D. Hazrat Abbas (R.A)

65. Holy Quran has been revealed in:

A. Miraj night
B. Night of Migration
C. Night of power
D. Night of Fathe Makkah


مندرجہ ذیل کے متضاد لکھیں۔


الف۔ قمر
ب۔ سورج
ج۔ ستارہ
د۔ کہکشاں


الف۔ پرانا
ب۔ قدیم
ج۔ جدید
د۔ دیر سے آنے والا


الف۔ آسمان
ب۔ زمین
ج۔ دھرتی
د۔ میدان

کج ادا

الف۔ خوش ادا
ب۔ خوش نوا
ج۔ کج رو
د۔ دل رہا

بے سود

الف۔ مفید
ب۔ ضررساں
ج۔ غیر فائدہ مند
د۔ بے حس

مندرجہ ذیل کے مترادف لکھیں۔

ہنگام سحر

الف۔ ہنگامے کا وقت
ب۔ لڑائی کا وقت
ج۔ صبح کا وقت
د۔ شام کا وقت

خوش بختی

الف۔ خوش نصیبی
ب۔ خوش فہمی
ج۔ بد بختی
د۔ بے بختی

مجلس شورہ

الف۔ عام مجلس
ب۔ مجلس مشاورت
ج۔ مجلس خاص
د۔ محفل

Note: this LAT Paper of 07 March 2021 is being updated as soon as we receive other MCQs.

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