Inspector Legal: PPC and Cr.PC Past Paper

Here you will find the past paper of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and Code of Criminal Procedure (Cr.PC) for the post of Inspector Legal through PPSC. Punjab Public Service Commission often hold the written examination for the post of Inspector Legal in Punjab. Find below the past paper of PPC and Cr.PC for the post of Inspector Legal.

PPC and Cr.PC Past Paper

The following questions are given in the paper:

Q1. Enumerate the punishments provided in the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

Q2. Write down detailed note on trial by a Magistrate. How it is different from a trial by a court of sessions?

Q3. Define and illustrate kinds of Qatl.

Q4. What is change? Discuss the exceptions to the rule of “separate charge for District offences”. What is the effect of error in the charge?

Q5. Explain the commonalities and differences between the provisions of sections 249-A and 265-K Cr.PC.

Q6. When police may arrest any person without warrant? Whether a private person can arrest any person and what is procedure on such arrest?

Q7. What a comprehensive note on double jeopardy with at least three illustrations.

Q8. Write down a detailed note on procedure regarding trial of a lunatic.

View the Inspector Legal: PPC and Cr.PC Past Paper:

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