Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan for LAT Examination

Terrorism is a real issue in Pakistan. Pakistan is facing terrorism for the last 2 decades. That’s why Terrorism is a hot topic that may be asked in the LAT Examination. This Essay of Terrorism in Pakistan for the LAT Examination is very simple and unique. You can use this Essay for your next LAT Examination.

Essay on Terrorism in Pakistan for LAT Examination

Terrorism has become a part of modern life. Hijackings, bombings, and assassinations on different continents of the world may seem like isolated attacks, but they reflect an easy reliance on violence as a way to promote social, political, and religious change. They are elements of a pervasive end justifies the means philosophy being followed to its most perverse conclusions.

International terrorism has become the source of all democratic governments these democratic governments are accustomed to dealing with a legal structure of an find it difficult to deal with criminals and terrorist that routinely operate outside of the law however deterrence is just as much a part of justice as proper enforcement of the laws.

Democratic governments that do not deter criminals innovatively vigilantism as a normally law-abiding citizen who has lost confidence in the criminal justice system take the law into their own hands a similar backlash is beginning to emerge as a result of the inability of Western demo creases to defend themselves against terrorist have a lack of governmental resolve is only part of the problem

Terrorism is not new and even though it has been used since the beginning of recorded history it can be relatively hard to define terrorism has been described previously as both a tactic and a strategy crime and holiday duty a justified reaction to operation and an excuse able of abomination obviously a  lot depends on whose point of view is being represented terrorism has often been an effective tech for the weaker side in a conflict.

Types of Terrorism

The task force classified terrorism into 6 categories:

  • Civil disorders– a form of collective violence interfering with the peace security and normal functioning of the community
  • Political terrorism-violent criminal behavior design primarily to generate fair in the community or substantial segment of it for political purposes
  • Non-political terrorism– terrorism that is not aimed at political purposes but which exhibit conscious designed to create and maintain a high degree of fair for coercive purposes but the end is an individual or collective gain rather than the achievement of a political objective
  • Quasi Terrorism – the activities incidental to the commission of crimes of violence that are similar in form and methods to genuine terrorism but which nevertheless lack its essential ingredient it is not the main purpose of the costly tourist to induce 13 in image data victim as in the case of Genuine terrorism but the costly tourist used the model and techniques of the genuine terrorist and produced similar consequences and reaction, for example, the feeling Felon who takes hostages is a Quasi terrorist whose methods are similar to those of the genuine terrorist but whose purpose is are quite different.
  • Limited political terrorism-genuine political terrorism is characterized by a Revolutionary approach Limited political terrorism refers to acts of terrorism that are committed for ideological or political motives but which are not part of a concerted campaign to capture control of the state.
  • Official or state terrorism-referring to Nations whose rule is based upon fairness and operation that reach similar to terrorism for such proportions.

 Causes of Terrorism

  •  the context in which terrorist actors are used to opening a large scale unresolved political conflict
  •  the type of conflict varies widely Historical example include
  •  procession of a territory to form a new   sovereign State
  •  the imposition of a  particular form of Government such as democracy theocracy  or and  energy
  •  economic deprivation of a population
  •  opposition to a domestic government or occupying army

Terrorism is a form of asymmetric Warfare and is more common when direct conventional Warfare is there cannot be due to differential is in available forces or is not being used to resolve the underlying conflict

Responses to Terrorism

Responses to terrorism are broad in scope they can include realignments of the political spectrum and assessments of fundamental values the term Counter-Terrorism has an aryl connotation implying that it is directed at terrorist actor

Specific types of responses include:

  • targeted laws criminal procedure deportation and enhanced police powers
  • target hardening such as locking doors or adding the traffic barriers
  • preemptive or reactive military action
  • increased Intelligence and  surveillance activities
  • preemptive  humanitarian activities
  • more permissive interrogation and detention policies
  • official acceptance of torture as a valid tool

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