Election Rules 2017 pdf (updated)

This is the Election Rules 2017 pdf (updated). These Rules may be called the Election Rules, 2017. They shall come into force at once all over Pakistan.

For the performance of its functions and duties under the Election rules, 2017 Constitution and the Act, the Commission may hold meetings as and when it deems appropriate.

In Election Rules, 2017 the Secretary to the Commission shall prepare an agenda of the meeting along with a working paper and submit it to the Commissioner for approval and shall place the same before the Commission on a date to be fixed by the Commissioner.

Election Rules, 2017 also suggests that the minutes of the meeting containing decisions of the Commission shall be communicated by the Secretary to all concerned for implementation.

The Commission under Election Rules, 2017 may require any of its members or any of its officers to supervise the implementation of a particular assignment or activity and to submit a compliance report in regard thereto.

The Commission may review the progress of previous decisions in its subsequent meetings.

Procedure relating to contempt of the Commission. 

The Commission under these Election Rules, 2017 may take cognizance of its alleged contempt under section 10, either suo moto or on a petition filed by any person on account of willful disobedience of any order, instruction or direction of the Commission or a breach of undertaking submitted to the Commission or using intemperate language against the Commissioner, or the Commission or any of its members.

Commission to delimit constituencies.

After allocation of seats in the National Assembly under clause (5) of Article 51 to each Province and the Federal Capital, the Commission under these Election Rules, 2017 shall carry out the delimitation of constituencies of general seats in an Assembly in accordance with section 19 and the procedure laid down in this Chapter, on the basis of population in accordance with the last preceding census officially published.

You can download Election Rules 2017 pdf (updated).

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