Election Act 2017 pdf

This is the Election Act, 2017, An  Act to amend, consolidate and unify laws relating to the conduct of elections.

Election Act, 2017,  it is expedient to amend, consolidate and unify laws relating to the conduct of elections and matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto.

The procedure According to Election Act, 2017 is In the performance of its functions, and duties and exercise of its powers, the Commission shall regulate its own procedure.

The Commission may exercise its powers in Election Act, 2017 and perform its functions even if the office of any member of the Commission is vacant or any of the members are for any reason, unable to attend the proceedings of the Commission, and the decision of the majority of the members shall have the effect of the decision of the Commission.

If upon any matter requiring a decision of the Commission, there is a difference of opinion amongst its members, the opinion of the majority shall prevail and the decision of the Commission shall be expressed in terms of the opinion of the majority.

The Commission shall have the power in this Election Act, 2017 to issue such directions or orders as may be necessary for the performance of its functions and duties, including an order for doing complete justice in any matter pending before it and an order for the purpose of securing the attendance of any person or the discovery or production of any document.

Any such direction or order shall be enforceable throughout Pakistan and shall be executed as if it had been issued by the High Court.

Anything required to be done for carrying out the purposes of this Act, for which no provision or no sufficient provision exists, shall be done by such authority and in such manner as the Commission may direct.

You can download Election Act 2017 pdf.

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