CSS Zoology Past Paper 2023

Here you will find the CSS Zoology Past Paper 2023. You can view or download this CSS Zoology Paper 2023.

CSS Zoology Paper 2023

The following questions are given in the Zoology Paper 2023:

Q2. Dengue over the years has expanded significantly. Give a comprehensive management plan to reduce the disease burden.

Q3. Migration is one of the most widespread characters of some of the chordates.

Q4. Cell to the organism. how does this natural phenomenon happen?

Q5. What are enzymes and coenzymes? Discuss their role in the life of the organism and the activities that are dependent upon them.

Q6. Biogeochemical cycles are dependent on natural elemental sources for improving the sustainability of ecosystems. How do these ecological drivers work and what is their impact on the environment?

Q7. Integuments pays a vital role in the survival of individuals. how would you compare the integument of invertebrates and which according to your opinion is the most diversified one and why?

Q8. Make a comparison of the feeding and digestion process in carnivores and Herbivores.

View the CSS Zoology paper for 2023:

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