CSS Sociology Past Paper 2023

Here I have arranged the CSS Sociology Past Paper 2023. You can view or download this CSS Sociology Paper 2023.

CSS Sociology Paper 2023

The following questions are given in the Sociology Paper 2023:

Q2. Education is an important social institution. How do conflict and functionalist perspectives view education as an institutionalized activity? which of these approaches can be, describe the system of education in Pakistan and how?

Q3. Explain G. H. Mead’s Concepts of Mind. Self and Society along with the basic principles of Symbolic Interactionism.

Q4. What is ontology, and epistemology methodology? What is the role of ontology and epistemology in social research?

Q5. How do time series, panel, and cohort studies differ? What are some potential problems with cost-benefit analysis?

Q6. Discuss in detail the theory of justice and Plato’s theory of forms and allegory of the cave.

Q7. What is meant by Wseeiety? Discuss its types in detail. Also, define culture and what is the difference between material and non-material in social culture.

Q8. Write notes on the following:

  • Conversation Analysis
  • Volcano of civilization

View the CSS Sociology paper for 2023:

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