CSS Public Administration Paper 2023

Here you will find the CSS Public Administration Paper 2023. You can view or download this CSS Public Administration Past Paper 2023.

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CSS Public Administration Paper 2023

The following questions are given in the Public Administration Paper 2023:

Q2. What are the different ways in which policies and programs can be evaluated? Discuss the approaches and explain the distinctions in these approaches.

Q3. A Beat deal of political debate in the last two decades has focused on strategies for controlling the federal budget deficit. Why is this an important issue for the government and what strategies have been employed by governments to manage the deficit? Give examples.

Q4. Contemporary perspectives on leadership suggest that leadership is not just the responsibility of those in positions of authority but can and should be exercised throughout the organization. Write an essay defending this suggestion. Can individuals that are normally considered “followers”‘ exercise leadership? Explain.

Q5. Public officials at all levels have established processes to encourage more substantive forms of citizen engagement. What is citizen engagement? Give examples of these efforts, and what is the potential, in your opinion, for these efforts to create truly meaningful engagement?

Q6. It has been widely argued that the impact of globalization on public administration should not be underestimated. What is meant by the term ‘globalization’? How does this trend affect public administrators at various levels and why should administrators pay attention to the global context of their work? Explain.

Q7. New Public Management has been hailed as the dominant paradigm for public service (20) in the last two decades. In your opinion, how viable is NPM for developing countries taking into account the distinct and complex environment of public sector organizations in such countries?

Q8. (a) Planning is an important part of the policy process. Describe the various types of planning and discuss the objectives of each type.

(b) Implementation is the action phase in which plans and policies are put into operation. Discuss the techniques that can be utilized in the beginning stages of the implementation process.

View the CSS Public Administration Paper 2023:

CSS Public Administration Paper 2023

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