CSS Law Paper 2023

Here you will find the CSS Law Paper 2023. You can view or download this CSS Constitutional Law Past Paper 2023.

CSS Law Paper 2023

The following questions are given in the Law Past Paper 2023:

Q2. Can an executing court attach and sell all kinds of moveable and immovable properties of the judgment debtor or there are certain types of property that are exempted from attachment and sale? Discuss.

Q3. Define and distinguish Review and Revision.

Q4. No one can be allowed to contradict his past statement or action. Elaborate on this phrase with reference to the relevant articles of the QSO 1984.

Q5. There are three different types of statements of an accused which can be recorded by a magistrate and a court. One is during the investigation and two are during the trial. Elaborate on these statements and differentiate them from each other.

Q6. When can a Court of Sessions alter the charge? If the charge is altered. what is the effect of this alteration on the trial proceedings against the accused? Discuss.

Q7. Define and distinguish offenses of theft, extortion, robbery, and dacoity. Give examples to support your answers.

Q8. Write tuna. on the following:

  • Power of court to appoint or remove arbitration
  • Arbitration in suits

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