CSS Governance & Public Policies Paper 2023

Here you will find the CSS Governance & Public Policies Paper 2023. You can view or download this CSS Governance & Public Policies Past Paper 2023.

CSS Governance & Public Policies Paper 2023

The following questions are given in the Governance & Public Policies Paper 2023:

Q2. Theories of Governance provide an intellectual base to formulate sound Public Policies. In this context, elaborate:-

(a) What are the Governance Theories more applicable to developing countries like Pakistan and how those could be applied?

(b) How would you differentiate between the Classical and New Public Administration approaches? Relate those with Postmodern Public Administration relevant to Pakistan.

Q3. What is Good Governance and how it is different in the Private and Public Sectors? Elaborate on seven good Governance Indicators. Also, indicate where Pakistan stands in those indicators.

Q4. Quaid-e-Azam M. A. Jinnah viewed governance as a mechanism for social justice and fair play to all; in that context explain:

(a) What was his vision of governance in Pakistan and how he intended to implement it?

(b) What was his approach toward the functioning of the State Institutions in relation to matters of Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary?

Q5. There has been fluctuating (declining mostly) economic growth in Pakistan especially since the 1990s, adversely impacting governance and social development. In this context, answer the following:

(a) How Incompatible Economic Growth has impacted the middle and poor segments of society? Relate it to governance issues.

(b) What kind of Financial Discipline do you suggest for Pakistan including accountability and safeguards against malpractices?

Q6. Equality and fair play in socio-political activities form the basis of the Islamic Philosophy of Governance and public administration. In this context, elaborate:

(a) What obligations, does the Islamic Concept of Governance and Public Services place on Public Servants?

(b) How personal accountability impacts community growth and social order in character and integrity?

Q. 7. What do you understand of Ethics in politics? How do public policies become an instrument of political gains by those in power, especially in countries like Pakistan? Under the situation of political tug of war, what roles do you idealize for the civil servants to keep the public interest at the forefront?

Q8. write short notes on any five of the following:

  1. Distinctive features of Governance, Administration, and Management.
  2. Reform and restructuring required in the civil bureaucracy of Pakistan
  3. Success criteria of local governments for Pakistan including political restructuring.
  4. Public Policies in dealing with the World Bank and IMF, lessons for the developing countries
  5. Merits, demerits, and choice of Privatization, Deregulations, and Liberalization in Pakistan.
  6. Success factors for Public-Private Partnerships in the scenario of Pakistan
  7. Presidential versus Parliamentary form of government in Pakistan

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