Better Education is a Guarantee of Better Nation Building

First of all, I will say that education is not good or bad, better or worse. Education is only education or where there is no education there is ignorance and there is no doubt that the education of a single person is the guarantee of success of that person, that society, and that society. Here I am going to discuss how better education is a guarantee of better nation-building.

Education gives you understanding and gives you consciousness. It gives the spirit to become a nation. An educated person is a good person and a good citizen. Education helps him to earn. The chances of advancement are better for him. Education tells him the difference between good and bad, right and wrong.

A consciously educated person is a bearer of human rights. Education teaches people to move from poverty to prosperity. An educated society guarantees health, consciousness, and improvement to people.

Education gives a new way of life. People live, stand, sit, eat, drink and do other things. , everyone’s style changes. That’s why they say that education is the name of a better lifestyle. This good lifestyle makes a good nation. Education improves the political, social, and social activities of the society.

Education reduces the crime rate. Education is a sign of better human health and beautiful life. Education teaches tolerance. Teaches tolerance and kindness. Removes ignorance. Education is the greatest factor of change in any society.

Books give us information. Putting this information into a practical form is knowledge. Knowledge is always given by practice. When I listen to people who are experts in education themselves, they say that education is not training.

So it is submitted to them that training is an essential part of education, where there is no training, there is no education. For the last 75 years, we have been deceiving the nation continuously. Science is the name of knowledge about the world. This is called thoughtful research. Its technical knowledge is called technology.

We collect scientific information very well. They also show apparently incomprehensible research and are not sure that we are very knowledgeable. But from a technical point of view, we neither make nor can make any progress on it. This is the reason that in technology. We are barren.

The world creates something new every day as a result of scientific knowledge, technical knowledge, and research, and the whole world, including us, benefits from these inventions. Many new and untouchable things (Innovations) come to the fore every day.

The countries in which all this is happening are far ahead of us today. If we want to keep up with the world, we have to go beyond bookish information and meaningless research and work on Inventions and Innovations.

Fake and grade-based research is meaningless and useless which does not benefit the country. We should know and understand that only education is the guarantee of our nation-building.

I said these few things in an intellectual session organized by the Council of National Affairs at the Quaid-e-Azam House. But all these things are based on reality. The tragedy of our research is that it is not related to the industry. While the rest of the world links research to industry. Universities are linked to industry, industry is the research laboratory for university research scholars.

There, research scholars do not do meaningless paper research, but integrate all the research with practice. From this, new things come into existence. Inventions happen. Research Scholars get practical results from their thinking. The industry provides you with immense research opportunities.

The industry you lead to improvement with your research. Your research provides an enabling environment for this industry to flourish, making it more profitable in return for many of the costs incurred by the university sector.

Our governments are also fully aware of what we are doing at the national level with education. We introduced the entry test because the way people were getting marks due to copying was alarming. There were children of influential people who could not be stopped. But instead of accepting this result, we introduced the entry test in resistance to it.

On the other hand, our universities have set up Ph.D. In their imitation, our universities have given professorships to many people on the basis of Ph.D., without looking at their knowledge or experience, without the universities looking at the competition, without checking whether someone’s degree is genuine, fake, or forged.

But the truth is that in many cases we do not trust our new scholars. We do not invite local PhDs to the interview of the Vice-Chancellor, although there are many capable and genuine research people, whose thinking and whose understanding shows their competence. They become victims.

In practice, this system has completely failed. Education should start from the primary level, we give artistic attention to higher education. Primary education is completely neglected. More funds are being wasted on higher education. Education in this country needs a complete overhaul. Maybe someday people with such thinking and understanding will come to the government. So we can enlighten our children with education in the true sense.

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