How to Change Date of Birth on B-Form (Birth Certificate)

If you wish to change date of birth on your child B-Form or NADRA Birth Certificate, you need to follow some of the rules and regulation before getting the B-Form. In this article, you will learn the method to obtain the child birth certificate from NADRA which is also called B-From.

Before going deep you must understand the difference between B-From and Child Registration Certificate (CRC).

Difference between NADRA B-From and Child Registration Certificate

There is a slight difference between NADRA B-Form and Child Registration Certificate. A B-Form is issued by NADRA after verifying the Child Registration Certificate (CRC) issued by local union council. So it is now very clear that B-Form is issue by NADRA and a CRC is a record of child registration with the local union council.

How to Get Child Registration Certificate (CRC)?

When a child is born his father or any guardian present at that time will apply in the local union council for the birth registration certificate. A few documents are required in this case:

  1. Copy of NIC of the person applying for CRC
  2. Vaccination Card issued by the Hospital
  3. Hospital Discharge Slip

After getting all these you should visit your local union council office and apply for the CRC. There is no hard work to do and you will get this certificate easily.

Fee for Child Registration Certificate

The union council does not charge a fee to provide evidence of a child’s birth.

Total Time Duration for CRC

The following is a rundown of the delivery time for a CRC:

  • In case of routine registration, the process generally takes 3 full working days.
  • In the event of late registration, it takes up to 7 business days (for a child between the ages of 61 days to 7 years).
  • For the registration of children aged above 7 years, the process can take about 20 business days.

How to Get NADRA B-Form?

NADRA issue B-from after verifying the Child Registration Certificate. To get the B-Form you need to visit NADRA office of your city and provide them these following documents:

  • Copy Child Registration Certificate issued by Union Council
  • Copy of NIC

NADRA first verify the CRC. After that the Data Entry Operator will start entering the data. And during this process the applicant live photograph will be taken as well as they will capture your figure prints.

To give you complete understanding, I have given step by step procedure:

Step 1: First, you will be required to collect a token from the NADRA registration counter. This token has a number that will allow you to go to the relevant desk number.

Step 2: When your token number is called, you will be instructed to check in at a specific desk. At this point, personal information of the parents, including their photographs and fingerprints, will be collected.

If you are a guardian, you must submit a letter stating your guardianship along with an authorized letter approved and attested by the relevant government officials.

Step 3: In the third step, all the information of the applicant will be entered into the database. This will be retrieved from the birth certificate provided by the union council.

Hence, before handing in the certificate, do ensure that there are no typing or spelling errors. If there are any, please make the necessary corrections in CRC before submitting.

Step 4: Once all of the required details have been submitted, a form will be printed out for the applicant to double-check the information they provided. If there is any error, point out to them and it will be rectified immediately.

Those NADRA centers that are working on two shifts, make sure if there are any mistake try to rectify it in the same shift other you have to wait for the next day.

Step 5: In the fifth step, the completed form is forwarded ahead. You can inquire about when you will be able to receive the B-form for your child, and where you are required to collect it. It takes an average of five working days, but there is always the possibility of a delay.

The process of applying for a B-form at NADRA is relatively straightforward, and the fee is pretty reasonable as well.

Fee of NADRA B-Form

There are two types of fee for NADRA B-Form:

Normal Fee: the normal fee for NADRA B-Form is Rs.50 to make affordable for all the citizens.

Urgent Fee: the urgent fee is Rs. 500. The urgent fee is for those who needs fast delivery of the B-Form.

You can get your B-form within a period of 10 to 30 working days. If you have applied through the Urgent Fee, it will be delivered between 3 to 7 working days after the application is submitted.

How to Change Date of Birth on NADRA B-Form

Now come to the main question of this article that if you make any mistake in B-Form especially regarding Date of Birth.

There are two types of mistake that people does:

Mistake 1: The first mistake that most people does is reducing the age of the child. We often see that people reduce the age of the child by 2 to 4 years.

And when the child reaches school especially in the 9th and 10th class, the age of the child is less than recommended age.

This is the time when they realize to correct this mistake in Date of Birth.

Mistake 2: This mistake if often happened when the concerned person do not apply for the CRC in Union council and hand over this task to the other person.

That person without realizing the impact mistakenly enter wrong date of birth in CRC and submit it. Resultantly when NADRA issue the B-Form the same Date of Birth show up in the NADRA record.

Solution 1: The solution for first mistake is to understand that you don’t need to reduce the age of child. Yeah it is some times needed to for some good reason but not every time. You should reduce the age of the child not more than 1 year than actual age. By this way it will not impact the child in his future.

Solution 2: the solution to the second mistake is to visit the union council by the application himself. Provide accurate data and then verify it before going to NADRA office.

If you found that the mistake is made in CRC at union council then first you need to correct the CRC error by personally visiting the office. The father or mother can visit. Correct the error there, get the newly updated CRC and then head over to NADRA for getting B-Form with updated date of birth.

When you visit the NDARA office you have to follow the same steps that I have given above.

Please note one thing, if your child is born in Lahore and you are currently living or working in any other city they will not modify the B-Form.

For this purpose, you have to visit the same NADRA office from where you first apply for B-Form. Because if you want to apply for a new B-Form then you can get it from any NADRA office but if you need to modify the mistake in Date of Birth of any other mistake you need to visit the same office you got the B-form earlier.

Rest, the fee and the other procedure as mentioned above will remain the same.


Following are some of the questions people ask regarding the B-Form process.

Q. How can I register my newborn baby in Pakistan?

Before you register your newborn child, you will first need to apply for a birth certificate from the union council in your specific region. After that, you can apply for a Child Registration Certificate to register your child with NADRA.

Q. How can I change the date of birth on my birth certificate in Pakistan?

You are required to get approval from your regional union council to make any modifications to the information listed on your birth certificate.

Before applying for the CRC, always check if the data does not include any errors.

Q. How can I get my birth certificate online in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, it is currently not possible to submit an application for a birth certificate online. The application process requires that you visit the union council office closest to your location. Even NADRA has not yet implemented an online application process for the CRC.

Q. How to Track the NADRA B-Form

You can check the status of your NADRA B-form online by dialing the number that is printed on your token. You will be informed about the status of your application on the same day or the following day. Alternatively, you can also send a message by simply using the first twelve digits of the token number given to you.

Similarly, it is worth mentioning here that you can also track your B-From. Simply write in message your tracking Id and send it on 8400. (Rs. 2 plus tax will be charged).

Q. Form-B Status Tracking via SMS

With the assistance of NADRA’s SMS service, you can track the progress of any applications concerning your CNIC, NICOP, and B-form, among others.

Open the Write SMS option on your mobile phone and submit the 12-digit tracking number to 8400 to check the status of your application for an identity card.

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