University Issues and HEC Policies in Pakistan

There are a few issues of universities that are related to HEC and its policies. In this article, you will learn about the University Issues and HEC Policies in Pakistan.

University teachers have finally received good news from the Higher Education Commission that a new promotion policy will be introduced after Ramadan.

There are reports that the Higher Education Commission is formulating an acceptable policy for the promotion of university teachers keeping in view the position of the teachers’ organizations.

In this regard, Raqam is offering some suggestions which may be helpful in formulating a new policy, but at the outset, it is necessary to take a brief look at why these problems have arisen, obviously after knowing the causes of the problems. Only a solution or a better policy can be formulated.

The problem is that since the inception of HEC, various policies have been introduced to raise the standard of higher education, with strict measures being taken to raise the standard of education and research, such as past conditions for the promotion. Has been made more strict for teachers to increase the number of their research papers than before or to publish the papers in a good research journal and so on.

Therefore, this policy was implemented on the assumption that teachers would now promote their academic and research activities for the sake of promotion, but on the other hand, the difficulties of promotion of teachers increased. For example, in order to be promoted to the next position, a teacher had to not only increase the number of his research papers but also access high-quality foreign research journals for their publication and also the cost of publishing them.

If you want to publish an article in a good foreign research journal, you have to pay a fee of at least fifty thousand and at least ten to eleven articles to become an associate professor. Once published, a teacher can apply for the next position.

Now imagine a teacher who spends more than a year’s basic salary on the publication of his dissertation, how can he afford it? As a result, many teachers began to publish their dissertations by adding their own names and distributing expenses, and this could be done by teachers who had access to such an international research journal, while ordinary teachers did. Just keep planning.

Thus the method of promotion of university teachers, which was already tangled and illogical, became more difficult.

That is to say, first, a teacher had no way of promotion in his own university department but he had to wait for a vacancy in his own department and the university advertised for this position in the newspapers, then other Like outsiders, submit your application in response to this advertisement and then wait for the result by giving an interview like all the applicants.

In other words, in this process, a teacher has no preference over other candidates in exchange for his own university experience and teaching services. Other incentives etc. are given and within the university itself, non-teaching employees also get promotions in the same way but not the teachers.

This is the background against which the university teachers and their organizations are compelled to protest and make demands. The question now is how both the promotion of teachers and the quality of education and research are possible.

In this regard, it is suggested that the tracks of promotion and quality of education should be separated, for example, just as other government employees are given promotions in return for their experience and services, the same should be given to these teachers.

One method of “time pay scale” and “incentive scheme” is popular among government employees, according to which after five years of experience, employees are promoted to the next pay scale but are not promoted. The employee benefits financially which make him happy and also works hard), while for the next position an employee has to fulfill the same conditions that are required or prevalent for that position. ۔

The time pay scale is common among the non-teaching staff of the universities while the teachers are deprived of it. They will also be able to do research work, because without it, a teacher, while waiting for his promotion, sometimes retires at the same grade and position at which he was appointed.

An example of this is the Karachi University where there was a recent protest against the retirement of a teacher as he was up to the standard of promotion but his selection board could not be done on time. Such incidents are increasing. Because it takes a long time to have a selection board.

At present, teachers’ organizations are demanding that there should be a separate procedure for promotion which is not only among the teachers of the department and should be timely.

In any case, the suggestion of a time-pay scale here simply means that the promotion track will be separated and the quality of education and research can be enhanced by setting up a separate track for the promotion of the post.

Of course, standard conditions can be applied, so when the “pay scale” is found based on experience, the teachers will calmly work harder and make the process of education and research forward so that they can get the position, so real. Only qualified teachers will be able to move forward with pay scale and rank which will also be beneficial for the universities.

It should be noted that the biggest drawback of the current policy is that all the teachers are compelled to write research papers only for the sake of development. Thus this policy of coercion is affecting the quality of education and research Then only real and quality education and research will come to the fore.

The point is that when it comes to raising the standard, then research teachers should be offered such privileges that they should work harder and harder.

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