Types and Rules of Official Leaves in Government Job

There are different types and rules of official leaves that a government servant can avail of in his service. The Leave Rules 1981 are applicable in availing of the leaves in government service. A few types and rules of Official leaves in a government job are allowed to avail for all the government employees. Every government employee has to follow some rules for availing leaves. The types and rules of official leaves are different in many government departments. Most of the leaves are also the same as the government rules applied the same way in different government departments. In this article, you’ll learn about various types of official leaves in a Government Job.

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Types of Official Leaves for government servants

In this article, you will learn about the following Leave Rules:

Casual Leave
Earned Leave
Hajj Leave
Iddat Leave / Special Leave for Females
Ex-Pakistan Leave
Sick Leave
Maternity Leave
Paternity Leave
Hospital Leave
Study Leave
Leave on Half Pay
Leave without Pay

Casual Leave Rules

The casual leave is the most common leave in a government job. The casual leave is allowed to all the government employees whether they are on a regular job or contract job. If you are a government employee whether the federal government of the provincial government, you can avail only 25 casual leave annually. A year starts from January to December. One thing to remember, that if you do not avail your casual leaves in a year then all the remaining casual leaves will be discarded and no compensation will be paid to you.

You can also get 10 days of continuous leave due to medical conditions. In this case, you must provide a medical certificate issued by a government medical officer.

Earned Leave Rules

You will earn 1 leave every month and 12 leaves per year. When you successfully complete 10 years of service then you will earn a bonus of 120 days.

If you are a civil servant and have not completed a continuous 10 years service then you can avail 2 years leave without pay at the discretion of the competent authority of your department. You are, being a civil servant, can avail 5 years leave without getting paid for more than once right after a spell of 10 years of service each time.

Hajj Leave Rules

If you are a government servant then you can avail Hajj leave of 40 days during your service.

Iddat Leave / Special Leave for Female Servants

A female can get special leave in case her husband has died. This special leave is also called “Iddat Leave”. Special leave for female servants is for 4 months (135 days) as per the Islamic period of Iddat. This type of leave shall not be debited from her leave bonus or credit. The leave will start from the date of the death of her husband.

Ex-Pakistan Leave Rules

The Ex-Pakistan leave may be granted on full pay to a civil servant who applies for such leave or who proceeds abroad during leave, or takes leave while posted abroad or is otherwise on duty abroad, and makes a specified request to that effect.

Sick Leave Rules

If you are in government service and you fell sick during service, then you can get 10 days of medical leave at a time. If your sickness is of such a nature that 10 days leave is not enough then you can request your authorities to grant you 90 days of leave. For this purpose, you have to provide a medical certificate of government medical officer. Leave granting authority still resides with the competent authority of your department.

Maternity Leave Rules

You are a female as well as a government servant. You can get 90 days of Maternity Leave with full pay. There are some other things to consider if you want to take Maternity Leave.

  • Maternity leave will granted to you on full pay without disturbing your leave account.
  • Maternity Leave would start from the date from which you have asked your department to give you this leave.
  • You cannot get this Maternity Leave more than twice in your complete government service tenure.
  • If you want this Maternity Leave third time then it will be considered as your normal leave account.
  • A female can get Maternity leave along with extraordinary leave (if it is due) available to a female servant.
  • There will be no deduction of pay during this Maternity Leave period.
  • If there an increment available to a female servant then this increment will be added after the end of this Maternity Leave period. And if this female has got other leave along with Maternity leave then the increment would be added when she resumes her duty.

Paternity Leave Rules

Like a Maternity leave, a man can also get “paternity leave” before or after the birth of his child. The date of paternity leave started when you apply for the paternity leave. The period of Paternity Leave will be 7 days as per the latest notification of the Finance Department.

Hospital Leave/Disability Leave Rules

You can get a 6 month of Hospital Leave if you met with an accident. If the injury is of such a nature that causes any disability which is a real hindrance in performing your official tasks then leave for 720 days may be allowed. The leave is subject to approval from a competent authority. If this happens to you then you will get full pay till the next 6 months and a half pay for all the remaining leave period.

Study Leave Rules

You can apply for study leave after you become permanent or after 5 years of service in your government department. You can take this study leave until the completion of your degree. This period probably considers for 2 years. You will get your half-pay during this study leave. Leave without pay can also be combined with this study leave but in this situation, the 2 years condition will not apply.

Leave on Half Pay Rules

If you often need leaves that exceed your leave credit then you can have one option and that is to convert your casual leave with full-pay to half-pay. To understand this, let have an example. If Ali wants to take 40 leaves but he has only 20 leaves with full pay in his leave credit, now Ali can convert his 20 full pay leaves into 40 half-pay leaves.

Leave without Pay Rules

You can avail leave without pay for a maximum period of 5 years at a time for any reason but you have to fulfill the condition which is you must have completed minimum continuous service of 10 years. Now if you have not completed 10 years of continuous service then you can avail of 2 years leave without pay and it will be a total discretion of your competent authority.

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You can download Leave Rules 1981 by clicking here.


To sum up the above discussion, I can say that there are different types and rules of Leaves in all government departments. Every government employee should know these so that they can get benefit from them.


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