Tosha Khana Record 2002-2023 (PDF)

The Cabinet Division provides a PDF download of a comprehensive list of all gifts given to Tosha Khana between 2002 and 2023. Here you will know about the detail of Tosha Khana record. Detail of the gifts being taken from Tosha Khana from 2002 to 2023.

The place where important people, diplomats, and other government officials keep the gifts they receive during official visits is known as Tosha Khana.

The Cabinet Division of Pakistan is in charge of keeping accurate records of all gifts received and their subsequent uses. This article means to give a total rundown of the gifts that were given and how had managed them from 2002 to 2023. Pakistan’s central government delivered a record of Tosha Khana gifts from 2002 on Walk 12, 2023.

This was unprecedented in the nation’s history. The 446-page report has a rundown of gifts that presidents, top state leaders, and government clergymen have gotten. Keep in mind that Defense Minister Khawaja Asif recently stated that the federal government had decided not to release the information from the state database that tracks gifts given to public officeholders by foreign dignitaries and other governments.

PDF of the Complete Tosha Khana Record from 2002 to 2023

Here is a complete detail of Tosha Khana Record:

Names of Prominent Leaders in Tosha Khana

Nawaz Sharif

Toshakhana Record Nawaz Sharif Purchased a Mercedes-Benz in 2008 for the former prime minister. On the market, the luxury car cost Rs 4,25,500, but Toshakhana sold it to him for Rs 636,000.

He also bought glasses for Rs 43,000 and a carpet for Rs 6,000. He bought a watch and a pair of cufflinks worth Rs 1,200,000 for Rs 240,000. He didn’t pay for a vase that cost Rs 8,000.

Asif Ali Zardari

The former president Asif Ali Zardari spent Rs 79,005 on a Jovani watch with a horse model. The model had a value of Rs 540,000.

Additionally, as gifts, he received a Toyota Lexus worth Rs 50,000,000 and a BMW worth Rs 57,828,705. The former president spent Rs 16,172,806 purchasing the two automobiles.

He didn’t pay for a painting that was worth Rs10,000.

He bought a high-end BMW in 2009 for Rs4,100,000, which was worth Rs27,300,000 on the market.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari got a vase worth Rs6,500 that he did not have to pay for.

Shehbaz Sharif

Shehbaz Sharif Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif did not pay for dozens of items from Tosha Khana, including a cow model that cost Rs 8,000, a decanter that cost Rs 25,000, a wall hanging that cost Rs 17,000, a bowl, a dagger that cost Rs 50,000, a booklet that cost Rs 10,000, a stadium model that cost R15,000, an onyx plate that cost Rs 2200, a horse metal sculpture that cost Rs 28,000

A gold vase that ought to have cost Rs 400,000 was purchased by PM Shehbaz Sharif for Rs 185,000.

In 2013, then-CM Shehbaz Sharif paid Rs 5,000 for a piece of decor that should have cost Rs 35,000.

Without paying a single rupee to the government, Sharif kept a ceramic bowl that cost 20,000 rupees (Rs) and a 12,000-rupee (Rs) painting with a frame. A vase costing Rs. 22,000, an orange Train model costing Rs. 10,000, a souvenir costing Rs. 8,000, honey costing Rs. 1,000, herbal tea costing Rs. 3,000, jam costing Rs. 6,000, three footballs costing Rs. 15,000, a decanter costing Rs. 22,000, an Arabian coffee container costing Rs. 26,000, Arabian coffee costing Rs. 26,000, a bowl set costing Rs. 10,000, and a carpet costing

Imran Khan

Imran Khan got a lot of presents. He only had to pay Rs 2 crore to keep a Rolex watch worth Rs 8.5 crore, cufflinks, a pen, and one ring. The record shows that the cufflinks were originally worth Rs 56,70,000, the pen was worth Rs 15,00,000, and the ring was worth Rs 87,50,000.

He also kept for free a wooden box for oud and two perfumes. These things were worth Rs 500,000. He also kept a Rolex watch that was worth Rs 1.5 million but only cost him Rs 294,000.

He only paid Rs 338,600 for the other gifts, which included another Rolex watch worth Rs 900,000, a ladies’ watch worth Rs 400,000, an I Phone worth Rs 210,000, two suits for men that cost Rs 30,000 each, four perfumes worth Rs 35,000, Rs 30,000, Rs 26,000, and Rs 40,000 each, a purse worth Rs 6,000, a ladies’ purse worth Rs 18,000, and a ballpoint pen that cost Rs 28,000.

Members of the Sharif family

The pineapple box was not paid for by Maryam Nawaz, Kulsoom Nawaz, or Nawaz Sharif.

Shaukat Aziz

The former PM Shaukat Aziz spent Rs 24,000 on gifts for the Tosha Khana that were worth Rs 170,000.


Rana Jawad, the head of Geo News, paid Rs 20,000 for a watch that was worth Rs 110,000.

Ishaq Dar

Ishaq Dar spent Rs 1,000 on a Rs 15,000 bed sheet.

Maryam Aurangzeb

In 2009, Marriyum Aurangzeb’s mother bought two watches for Rs 30,000 that were worth Rs 115,000.

I have arranged a complete data sheet for this Tosha Khana records.

Dataset of Tosha Khana Records

The Toshakhana case in Pakistan involves allegations of former government officials receiving luxury vehicles and other gifts from foreign leaders and dignitaries. The case centers around a toshakhana, or treasure trove, where such gifts are kept. The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered an investigation into the case in 2018 and directed the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to probe the matter.

The investigation found that former presidents, prime ministers, and other officials had accepted gifts worth millions of dollars, but had not declared them to the government or paid the required taxes on them. The case has stirred controversy in Pakistan, with some arguing that the officials violated ethical and legal norms by accepting the gifts, while others defend the practice as a diplomatic courtesy.

The case is ongoing, with several high-profile figures, including former presidents and prime ministers, being summoned by the NAB for questioning. The outcome of the case will have important implications for Pakistan’s political and legal systems, as it raises questions about the transparency and accountability of its leaders.

Here are few questions we can ask from this dataset:

  1. What is the total value of all gifts received by former government officials from foreign leaders and dignitaries?
  2. Which specific individuals received gifts from the Toshakhana, and what were those gifts?
  3. Did any government officials declare the gifts they received to the Pakistani government or pay taxes on them?
  4. Were there any patterns or trends in the types of gifts received by different officials or from different countries?
  5. Did any gifts received by government officials influence their decisions or actions while in office?
  6. How did the Toshakhana function in terms of record-keeping and accountability for the gifts it received and distributed?
  7. What legal or ethical violations, if any, occurred as a result of officials receiving gifts from foreign leaders through the Toshakhana?
  8. Were there any efforts made to conceal the receipt of gifts by government officials, and if so, how were those efforts carried out?

I have arranged the dataset of Tosha Khana Records in MS Excel format which you can view or download from below button.

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