Titles of Degrees Recognized in Pakistan – National Qualification Framework of Pakistan

Titles of Degrees Recognized in Pakistan

There are many titles of degrees that are recognized in Pakistan. Titles of the National Qualification Framework of Pakistan (NQF) qualifications/programmes indicate the qualification and programme type. The fields of study or disciple and provides a basis for national and international recognition. In order to control the ambiguity, HEC has outlines the basic names and has provided the criteria that how these names will be expanded to precisely describe the content covered.

Criteria for the Use of Titles and Nomenclature for Degree

  1. the degree may be termed/named as per the level along with respective major field of study/discipline, not stream/specialization.
  2. a programme containing only one area may be termed as per its respective area of concentration. Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering etc. For example, BS in Computer Science, Bachelors in Electrical Engineering.
  3. a programme contains fundamental components of two fields of study with the percentage of 50-50. The qualification may be connected with “AND” for example, BS in Economics and Political Science, BS in Physics and Mathematics etc.
  4. a major-minor programme that contains at least 25 percent component in other fields of study is named using the connector “WITH”. For example, BS in Economics with Mathematics.

The transcript and degree certificate will use the nomenclature of the qualification to describe the fields of study.

Below a complete guide of Titles of Degrees Recognized in Pakistan, as well as the National Qualification Framework of Pakistan, has been given for your convenience.

Download the Titles of Degrees Recognized in Pakistan and National Qualification Framework of Pakistan

Must go through this big document so that you can have a very good idea. A idea about the degree you are currently doing in Pakistan. This will help you determine whether your degree tiles is recognized in Pakistan or not. I suggest you that before enrolling in any study scheme, must search that relevant degree title in this file.

Because some times it happened that you complete your degree and when you are pursuing your career then you realize that your degree is not recognized in Pakistan by HEC. For example, if you are doing an LLM Degree, then you must understand its applicability. So it is much better if you spare 2 or 3 minutes to protect your career by searching your degree titles in this file.


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