Tax Law: Benefits of Becoming Tax Lawyer in Pakistan

The field of Tax Law is very much different from the other fields of Law. To understand the Tax Law is far difficult than the other laws. And that can be the reason that most of the Lawyers in Pakistan avoid becoming a Tax Lawyer. You can easily differentiate between a Tax law and other law by analyzing both practitioners. And if you want to join the Tax Law in Pakistan after completing your law degree then how you can be successful. Let’s have a look at some options below:

Tax Law Requires High Expertise

There are so many areas in Law that a young lawyer can join, for example, if you not aware of the Divorce case, even then you can easily manage the case and gets the victory. But in the Tax law field, you can not do this by just asking others opinion.

In Tax Law you have to be sure of facts and figures as well as you must have a good knowledge of finance, accounting, and taxation. Because the Tax Laws are more frequently complex to understand than other laws. You can view any of Tax book law, but you find that it is hard to grasp the book or it is hard to understand. That could be one of the reasons that young lawyer avoid coming to Tax Law field.

In Tax Law you have to understand and remember all new and old laws and kept you a self-update every time. Also, it will be beneficial for you at the time of cross-questions put forth by your opponent lawyer.

Few Lawyers Came in TAX Law

You have often seen that in your law college there is no teacher of Taxation Law and that’s why a few students choose taxation law as an optional subject in the final year of LL.B. This thing proves that there are very few lawyers are there in Tax Law field and those are very serious about their profession. Because there could be no lack of seriousness in Taxation filed can be adopted. Tax Lawyers are much able they have various qualities and mind-blowing expertise, as well as they, are few in number so that charge their customer with a high fee.  It is also a fact that the Taxation Lawyer does not remember each and every law of taxation but they have the knowledge by which they can win their cases and give justice to their clients.

Tax Law is Complete Field in Itself

There are a lot of lawyers in Pakistan who can accept any case came to their desk. The cases may be of civil nature or criminal nature they are ready to take the case at any cost. But such an attitude do not work with Taxation. In Taxation you must a master of Finance, accounting as well as Taxation Laws. That’s why you often have seen that the Taxation Lawyers do not take any other cases.

Tax Lawyer Earn More than Other Lawyer

In Tax Law Field, most cases are of big companies. Which deals with millions of Rupees transaction daily. These lawyers help these companies to win their respective cases by utilizing their abilities and in return, they demand extra benefits rather than relying on case fee.

Tax Laws are frequently Changed

You have seen that the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) frequently changed the law relating to the collection of Tax. That’s the reason that what you know last month may have been changed next month. Collecting Tax is like taking real headache by any government. That’s why the FBR always try to amend the Taxation laws as per the need of the government. So if you want to become a successful lawyer, then you have to be updated about the new and old rules and laws about the taxation and you should have an eye on the current notification issued by the FBR in this regard. This is how you can be successful in Taxation Law.

Tax Law is not Boring

For every tax lawyer, the Taxation Law have much importance. The government made so many amendments in these rules so it has become a joyful task for the taxation lawyer to understand every new law. Even every new case that is entered is very much different from the earlier. So the chances of learning and earning both increased at the same time. For example, these days online business is gaining importance, and a taxation lawyer feels happy to understand the new concepts in online business and learn it quickly.

You Can have International Tax Law Practice in Pakistan

Today, so many transactions are happening online and there are so many companies who always require a lawyer to guide them on how to do these transactions. These lawyers guide these companies that by which way of a transaction they can save money from giving Tax and what type of transaction could be harmful to the company. Many a time, the transaction is happening worldwide and the Tax Lawyer can have international practice as well.


Taxation Law is a very dynamic field of Law. The lawyers who are experts in this field can only join and become successful. If you are making your mind to join the Taxation law field then I hope this article will become very helpful for you. Give your feedback in the comment section below.

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