Sub Inspector Police Past Papers with Solutions

In here,  you will find the past papers of Sub-Inspector Police with solutions. The paper on Sub-Inspector Police is conducted by the Public Service Commission. The following questions were asked in that paper.

English MCQs

Guess the closest possible meaning of the given idiom from the option given below:

Jazz Up

Ans: Make something more exciting

Get you goat

Ans: To irritate someone

Weal and Woe

Ans: In prosperity and adversity

Choose on correct sentence:

He is a coward boy.

Ans: He is a cowardly boy

Why he wrote that foolish letter?

A. Why he write that foolish letter?
B. Why does he wrote this foolish letter?
C. Why he written this foolish letter?
D. Why did he write that foolish letter?

I have received his letter yesterday.

A. I have been received his letter yesterday
B. I received his letter yesterday
C. I received his written letter today
D. He sent a letter to me today.

I wrote nothing yesterday but learnt two poetries by heart.

A. I wrote nothing yesterday but learnt two poems by heart.
B. I have written nothing yesterday but learn two poetries by heart.
C. I wrote both poems today
D. I write two poetries.

At Sea meaning

Ans: Puzzled

Maiden Speech means:

Ans: First Speech

Chatty means:

Ans: Talkative


Ans: Private


Ans: Stubborn


Ans: Praised


Ans: Waver


Ans: Renounce


Ans: Garrulous


Ans: Blunder

Choose the antonym


Ans: Dry


Ans: many


Ans: Rustic


Ans: Enmity


Ans: Withhold


Ans: Proud

The Man ___ my house was a minister.

Ans: To whom I sold

The Accused ___ having made any statement.

Ans: Denied

Choose the most appropriate one-word substitute

That which is contrary to the law

B. Legacy
C. Illegal
D. Imminent

A statement that can have a double meaning is:

A. Ambivalent
B. Verbose
C. Epigraph
D. Ambiguous

That which cannot be passed through

A. Impassable
B. Passable
C. Passage
D. None of these

Handwriting that cannot be easily read

A. Illegible
B. Legible
C. Lucid
D. Edible

The policy of extending a country’s empire and influences

A. Communism
B. Internationalism
C. Capitalism
D. Imperialism


Choose the correct statement

He writes better than me.

A. He writes better than mine
B. He writes better than I
C. He writes well than me
D. He writes well of I

I have ten ten-rupees notes.

A. I have both ten ten-rupees notes
B. I have ten ten-rupee notes
C. I have ten ten-rupees note
D. None of these

What does obese mean?

Ans: Fat and dull looking

A Jaundiced eye

Ans: A prejudiced person

Make hay while the sun shines mean?

Ans: Make advantage of favorable condition

General Knowledge MCQs

Act of Killing Oneself is:

Ans: Suicide

Reck and ruin are:

Ans: Destruction

The athlete who is the most decorated Olympian of all time is:

Ans: Michael Phillips

___ was an organization established by Mohsin ul Mulk, starting in 1900, for the advocacy of Urdu as the lingua franca of the Muslim community of India.

Ans: Urdu Defence Association

The dead body of a human being is called:

Ans: Corpse

___ can lift weight about 50 times of its own weight.

Ans: An Ant

The ___ gas is used to make soda water.

Ans: Carbon dioxide

At night, plants intake:

Ans: Oxygen

Islamic Study MCQs

To stay in which ground is the best part of Hajj

Ans: Arafaat

According to the teaching of the Quran, how many witnesses are required for the financial affairs of a transaction?

Ans: Two men

Pakistan Affairs MCQs

National Assembly approved the draft of the 1973 Constitution in:

Ans: April 1973

Who was the speaker of the National Assembly during ZA Bhutto Ear (1973-1977)?

Ans: Sahibzada Farooq Ali

Who is the chief minister of Sindh?

Ans: Murad Ali Shah (in 2022)

A ship recently blocked which trade route causing the world economy to lose millions of dollars:

Ans: Suez Canal

Burzil Pass is situated in:

Ans: Himalayan (Kashmir)

Michigan Huron Lake is in?

Ans: Canada and USA

Hanna Lake is located in:

Ans: Baluchistan

Computer Science MCQs

___ is the process of verification of a login name and password?

Ans: Authentication

In internet explorer, favorites can be shown and hidden by choosing them in the toolbars option under the __ tab.

Ans: View

Keyboard short key to decrease font size one point is:

Ans: CTRL + [

SMTP is a:

Ans: Protocol used for transferring messages between end-user and mail server

Advance find gives a similar dialogue box as ___ in MS Word.

Ans: Replace

If you press ___ the cell accepts your typing as its contents:

Ans: CTRL + Enter

What is used for Spell and Grammar check in MS Word

Ans: F7 key

If we want to type an equation in a cell, the first thing that must be entered is:

Ans: Equal sing (=)

___ View of Microsoft PowerPoint display only text (titles and bullets):

Ans: Outline view

What is the short key for changing cases in MS Word?

Ans: SHIFT + F3

The Short cut key will be used to close the web browser:

Ans: ALT + F4

Spam Folder in email accounts contains:

Ans: Junk Emails

Which of the following is not a type of broadband internet connection?

Ans: Dialup

Which one is not the correct method of editing a cell’s contents:

Ans: Press the Alt Key

Commands for Ordering, Grouping, and aligning the position of the objects on a slide in MS PowerPoint is in?

Ans: Arrange Command

___ is a powerful application for developing websites and mobile applications.

Ans: Adobe Dreamweaver

The application facilitates you to get the latest news from your sites, people around you are working frequently, quickly getting to the sties followed by you:

Ans: SharePoint

In MS Excel, which is used to perform what is analysis:

Ans: Scenario Manager

In a spreadsheet, letters are used to represent?

Ans: Columns

In MS Word standard page size which is used in offices is?

Ans: A4

Which is used for applying motions to slides in a slide show?

Ans: Animation Scheme

Which term identifies a specific computer on the web and the main page of the entire site?

Ans: URL

A service in which the user can chat with his friend and not with the public is called?

Ans: Instant Messaging

The ___ folder contains copies of messages that you have started but are not yet ready to send.

Ans: Drafts

Which Display the contents of the active cell?

Ans: Formula Bar

In MS-Excel, a change in the appearance of the value of the label in a cell is called?

Ans: Format

In Excel, the template is a combination of different?

Ans: Fonts, Effects, and Colors (All of these)

Http:// is called?

Ans: URL

Which of the following is not part of the merge process?

Ans: None of these (Right option was not given so none of these must be chosen)

Command used to ask the browser to send you the most updated version of the page you are viewing is called?

Ans: Refresh

In MS Word, superscript, Subscript, Strikethrough are known as?

Ans: Font Effects

Suppose there is a text in a document that is Bold, Red in color with Green Background. We want to apply all of this formatting to another paragraph in one go. Which option will we use?

Ans: Format Painter

Which is a standard windows control that displays the percentage of completion of a particular process as a graphical bar.

Ans: Progress bar

In MS PowerPoint, customizing how the new slide appears on the screen in the slide show is applied using?

Ans: Transition

In MS Word, what is the shot key to center the selected text or numbers?

Ans: CTRL + E

MS Excel’s function arguments are always written in ___?

Ans: Cells

The Command is used to apply the look of one piece of text to another part document.

Ans: Format Painter

For conducting online video meetings, what useful solutions are?

Ans: Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams

In MS Excel, the track changes ON/OFF option can be accessed under the ___ tab.

Ans: Review

Mathematics MCQs

The number of Right Angles shown by the hands of the clock in a day is?

Ans: 44 times

If 7x = 1/343 then the value of x is:

Ans: -3

If the sum of two numbers is 37 and the difference of their squares is 185, then the difference between the two numbers is?

Ans: 5

Solution: X+Y = 37 X*X – Y*Y = 185 (X-Y) (X+Y) = 185 (X-Y) (37) = 185 X-Y = 5

So, this is the past paper of Sub-Inspector Police with complete solutions.

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