Scope of Law, Establishment and Constitution in Pakistan

Here you’ll know about the main scope of Law, Establishment, and constitution in Pakistan. I will discuss these scenarios in the current political situation.

Scope of Law, Establishment, and Constitution in Pakistan

Pakistan’s politics is also strange, even if the establishment becomes neutral, there is an objection, and even if it is not neutral, there is an objection. It is objectionable if the Establishment interferes in political affairs but nowadays it is still under criticism when it is keeping itself away from political affairs.
The point to consider is what to do when one party calls for intervention and the other party demands to remain neutral. In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ”

When Pakistan’s political leadership refuses to talk to each other, the Establishment has to play a role in forcing them to come to a table in the national interest. But should the country’s political leadership make it a habit and expect the Establishment and especially the Pakistan Army leadership to always bring them to the same table and resolve issues between them?

We have seen in the past that the Establishment had to act as a liaison between the government and the opposition on important domestic issues, from the FATF legislation to other important domestic issues. Due to this, he did not get any special good name.

Today, Imran Khan wants institutions to protect his interests. It is true that the Establishment has played a role in Pakistan’s politics on several occasions. That is why when a PTI leader was asked what kind of role he wanted, he said as General Waheed Kakar did. That is, the government was sent home to hold elections.
It should be like this now but it was not good yesterday and it is not good today.

Imran Khan wants immediate elections in the country. But they have no constitutional way. They want to declare elections in the country through unconstitutional measures but is it democratic politics to call institutions for unconstitutional measures.

The announcement by the national security agencies to work within the framework of the constitution and law in the country is commendable. It is unfortunate that even this move of theirs is being tried to be controversial and such wishes are being expressed that they refuse to obey the orders of the government. Let them become silent spectators in the invasion and invasion of Islamabad and refuse to fulfill their responsibilities in maintaining law and order.

What kind of desire is it that when they march towards Islamabad and try to send the government home, the national security agencies do not follow the orders of the government. Instead, watch the whole show and indirectly support it.

Civil society in Pakistan and those who speak of the rule of law have always complained that institutions do not operate within the law. Especially in the case of Missing Persons, it is argued that the work should be done within the ambit of the law. An FIR should be registered and the matter should be taken to the court of law.

The justice system must be trusted. It is also argued that how can the rule of law prevail in the country unless the institutions submit themselves to the law. For the same reason, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, the Pakistan Army has knocked on the door of justice under the protection of the constitution and law.

We have seen that a case has been registered against Iman Mazari for insulting the leadership of the Pakistan Army at the request of the Advocate General. The case has been registered in Ramna police station of Islamabad under the provisions of 505/138. The video has gone viral on social media on May 21 between 5 and 6 pm, Shirin Mazari’s daughter Iman Mazari made public allegations against the Pakistan Army and its chief.

When Iman Mazari’s mother was arrested by the Punjab Anti-Corruption Department in a case of 40,000 kanals of land, they tried to throw the wreckage on the Pakistan Army and its chief. A very careless discussion was also held on this occasion.

The Pakistan Army has registered an FIR in this regard. It said that the deliberate remarks were aimed at provoking the ranks and file of the army. The move could lead to hatred within the Pakistan Army which is a serious crime. Strict legal action should be taken under the relevant laws.

Now the same civil society is saying that the Pak army has committed gross abuse by registering an FIR. Earlier, when the rule of law was not followed, it was said that there was a lot of abuse. Now that the rule of law has been adopted, I think the test of the justice system has begun. Does the law and constitution of Pakistan protect the army from such misconduct?

Isn’t it a good thing that today the army has taken the path of law and justice? I believe that getting justice will create a tradition of knocking on the door of law in every case by the institution. This is a historic opportunity for the justice system of the country that this case should be decided on 100% merit.

Even before this, we saw that even on the occasion of a change of government in the country, a very objectionable and ugly campaign was launched on social media against the leadership of the Pakistan Army. Which is less to be condemned. Can it be allowed openly in Pakistan? Can it be allowed that anyone can say whatever he wants about the military leadership of the country whenever he wants and there should be no grip of law?

Ms. Iman Mazari has been granted pre-arrest bail by the Islamabad High Court. I have no objection to bail but they should have got bail from the lower judiciary like ordinary citizens. Bail directly from the Islamabad High Court falls into the category of extraordinary justice. This is also not a good tradition.

There should be a transparent investigation and trial of the case. And law and justice must prevail. The argument is that abusive and objectionable speech should be allowed openly and the law should not be knocked on the door. That’s a ridiculous argument. Which country in the world has such an open discount?

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