Revised and Approved Summary of Upgrading Federal Employees from BS-01 to BS-16

The Revised Approved Summary Upgrading Federal Employees BS-01 to BS-16 was issued by the Prime Minister’s Office in Islamabad. There is a possibility that the Finance Division will soon issue a notification for the upgradation of clerical staff. The specifics are as follows:

PM Approved Revised Summary of Upgradation Federal Employees BS-01 to BS-16

The Prime Minister has seen and is pleased to observe as follows:-

  • Due to their job description, employees holding ministerial posts in various offices cannot be the basis for creating inconsistencies in their service structure by receiving different allowances, which would otherwise be frozen at certain levels;
  • The employees of the Offices mentioned in paragraph 15 of the summary were not eligible for the Disparity Reduction Allowance that was granted to Federal Secretariat employees. As a result, the employees of the Federal Secretariat and the aforementioned two offices may not earn significantly different salaries. If this office’s employees are denied access to the benefits of a new service structure, it will likely disadvantage them;
  • Due to the protection afforded by section 3 of the Civil Servants Act of 1973, any discrimination in the employment structure of employees is also likely to be challenged in court.

In view thereof, the Prime Minister has been pleased to reiterate his earlier orders at para 15 of the summary.

Further, necessary action shall be taken accordingly.

Para-15 Prime Minister Previous Summary

The Prime Minister has approved the proposal in paragraphs 3 and 4, as well as paragraph 12 of the summary, with the condition that the phrase “and who are in receipt of Disparity Reduction Allowances” be omitted for employees of the President’s Secretariat (Public), President’s Secretariat (Personal), Prime Minister’s Office (Public), and Prime Minister’s Office (Internal).

The Prime Minister has reiterated the same directives regarding paragraph 15 of the previous summary. I will inform the employees here as soon as I receive additional information regarding this summary.

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