Punjab Government Creates New Division of Mianwali

Lahore: On 14 January 2023 the Provincial Cabinet approved the Creation of a New Division Mianwali in Punjab province. Now the Punjab province will have 11 Divisions. The details are as under:

Detail of Mianwali Division

  • Mianwali District
  • Bhakkar District
  • Talagang District

The number of districts in the Sargodha and Rawalpindi divisions will decrease after the Mianwali Division is established. There will now only be two districts in the Sargodha Division: Khushab and Sargodha. The following are the five districts that Rawalpindi Divison will have:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Jhelum
  • Attock
  • Murree
  • Chakwal

The new administrative division for the Punjab province in 2023 will undergo changes following its establishment. Instead of 10 divisions, Punjab will now have 11 divisions.

According to the ARY News Channel, the Punjab Provincial Cabinet approved the new Division conditionally during the previous cabinet session. The meeting took place at 5 p.m.


New District Jam Pur

As per Express News TV, the provincial cabinet also conditionally approved the new District Jampur in Dera Ghazi Khan Division. After the issuance of the Notification, DG Khan Division will have 4 Districts as under:

  • DG Khan District
  • Taunsa Sharif District
  • Rajanpur District
  • Rajanpur
  • Layyah
  • Muzaffar Garh
  • Jampur

Creation of New Tehsil in Punjab

The provincial cabinet also conditionally approved the following tehsils in Punjab:

  • Multan Khurd (District Talagang)
  • Dajal (District Jampur)
  • Muhammad Pur (District Jampur)

Election Commission Notice about the Creation of the Mianwali Division

The new division, district Jampur, and three additional tehsils have been approved by the Election Commission. ECP has strict instructions not to notify the public of this new administrative arrangement. This is because new limits on votes are being considered.

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