Problems of Child Labor and its Solution

In this article, you will learn about the problems of Child Labor and its solution. Child labor is a major issue in developing countries and there are multiple solutions are now available to counter this issue.

Problems of Child Labor and its Solution

While the education and training of children is the responsibility of the parents, it is also the duty of the state to play an important role in educating the children. The constitutional state of Pakistan has assumed the responsibility of education up to matriculation but like other articles of the constitution, children are not imported in this article.

Better in every part of Pakistan and their children are safe from education. Forced to create family economic conditions. These innocent children are seen working in places where they love pens and books, factories, farms, the carpet weaving industry, and other weight establishments.

Secretarial children are seen picking up paper in the dirt and markings. This is a situation that suggests that no attention is being paid to the education of children guaranteed by the Constitution.

Children’s education is being neglected, especially in urban suburbs and villages. Every year a huge amount of money is allocated for education but the desired goals have not been achieved to date. Poverty is the main reason for the use of child labor in Pakistan’s manufacturing industry. Most families in Pakistan are living below the poverty line.

Parents have no choice but to send their children to work so that they can increase their family income. Rising inflation affects the poorest and most backward sections of society the most.

You see innocent children working everywhere, they are seen working in shops, they are forced to work in private institutions, and they perform the duties of conductors in buses and minibusses.

They work in the fields. The question is who is responsible for darkening the future of these children? Their parents or the state? Most parents are unable to educate their children due to poverty. It is also a complex social and economic issue that is not addressed.

It is the duty of parents to educate their children but parents who do not have money to support their families are forced to do forced labor on their children. In these circumstances, it is the duty of the state to rescue these children from the clutches of oppressive forced labor and to provide them with the financial stability to keep the poor parents alive with dignity and respect. Poor parents who are unable to educate their children Should receive a stipend.

It is also the responsibility of the government to amend Article 25-A after the passage of the 18th Amendment to the Law on Child Labor to eliminate child labor from the country altogether.

In addition, it is necessary to amend the Child Employment Act. Such changes are necessary for the Act so that no institution or person may take forced labor from children in inhumane conditions. Similarly, a broader consensus is needed to amend the Industrial Relations Act, of 2008. From brick kilns to farmworkers in rural areas, it is important to protect the rights of children. Similarly, social security agencies must be held accountable for exploiting innocent employees and children. The 1992 Bonded Labor Abolition (System) Act has many flaws.

It is also a matter of time before there are practical amendments to the 1992 Act to uproot the inhuman and immoral system of forced labor. There is no room for delay in this regard. In Sindh, Balochistan, and many parts of the country, there is a brutal system of forced labor in the agricultural economy which is reminiscent of the days of ignorance.

People, women, and children are being bought and sold on the farms. They are kept in chains. It is not enough to protest against this oppressive system. It is also important to make laws but the real work is law enforcement which is always avoided in our country. Otherwise, who remembers the rights of children there?

The United Nations has declared 2021 as the year of the abolition of child labor and called for immediate action to end the scourge of forced labor by 2025, but unfortunately in our country so far children at any level have been forced to do so.

There was nothing that you did to cause it. Undoubtedly some NGOs have made progress in this regard but it is such a big challenge that not only NGOs can tackle it. Marine fishing is considered one of the dangerous occupations all over the world but even today in Pakistan. A large number of children go to the sea for employment.

Early in the morning, you can see innocent children at the jetty in the Ibrahim Haideri area of ​​Karachi, cleaning and sorting out the sea creatures in the boats. These children also face health problems due to forced labor, but due to the lack of treatment facilities, the health of the affected children continues to decline. It is a pity that the politicians who have won elections from these areas never come back even after the elections.


Political and religious parties, human rights organizations, members of civil society and the judiciary must also play their part in ending the system of forced child labor. To build a strong and stable Pakistani nation, the print and electronic media must also play their part in rescuing innocent oppressed children from the oppressive system and MPs must enact ideal legislation to protect the rights and interests of children. It will also be in the national interest to implement the rules of forced labor and to formulate a collective strategy to achieve the desired results.

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