Power Struggle and its Effects on Ordinary Pakistanis

In this article, you will come to know what this power struggle in Pakistan what effects will have on ordinary Pakistanis. So, let’s have a look at the Power Struggle and its Effects on Ordinary Pakistanis.

Every political journey begins in the name of the common man but after it starts the common man is forgotten as if an unfaithful lover forgets his lover. God seems to be saying what is happening at the moment. There is a mention of a common man in it from afar, something is being thought about it. A no-confidence motion is a ruse to make it successful, on the other hand, it is a craze to make it fail.

If the no-confidence motion succeeds, a new government will be formed, in four days it will also name the poor. They will propagate to change their condition, then they will be happy in their world. This is our political history and this is the biggest truth. If elections are held tomorrow then these poor people will be the target of all. In front of them, all the swings will be spread, they will be shown green gardens, just until they reach the assemblies.

In the name of change, the people are terrified of what has happened to them in the name of a new Pakistan. But sacrifice the captain, they are now saying to bring me to power by a landslide in the next election so that I can lay the groundwork for real change, in other words, to remove the fraction left in the first change. Hey dear captain, the mandate was a little weak, but a little change could come through this mandate. Here the whole matter was settled, the bread of two times which was easily obtained was also made difficult.

This is what I have come to understand from my experience based on many decades. People here are useless creatures. Sometimes one uses the medicine and sometimes another comes. The ballot paper is in the hands of these creatures. Because of this, after five years, they have to be respected.

The same benefactors always come to the people in disguise. Sometimes they shed tears, sometimes they make false promises, sometimes they show green and sometimes pink gardens, if need be they make these poor people their fathers and if there is a need to apologize, they do not join hands but lie down on their feet.

They know that the people are forgotten kings, in a few moments they become calm and then give them a chance to ride on their shoulders for five years. Yesterday Khan Sahib was saying that a global conspiracy has been hatched against me.

Let’s face it, there has been a global conspiracy. Did this global conspiracy also prevent the people from getting any relief? Has the economy sunk because of this global conspiracy? Has ghee reached Rs 200 to Rs 500 per kg due to this conspiracy? Are drugs four times more expensive as a result of this conspiracy? Have food prices skyrocketed because of this conspiracy to improve justice in the country, fix the police, solve the problems of the common man, create jobs, to create a revolution by creating 10 million jobs? And did the same global conspiracy stop claims like building five million houses? Hey brother, once you have fooled the people, don’t do it again.

The people should not be in a state of complacency. The no-confidence motion has been successful. When the new government comes, no milk or honey canals will start flowing. Then the same tune will be sung. The outgoing government drowned the economy.

There is no money in the treasury. People should be a little patient. Peace and harmony will descend from the sky. Things will change while the bitter reality is that things will never change for the people. That is the history of 75 years. Those who go have been looted and eaten, those who come will rule them.

This is because the purpose of any government, any party, or any politician is not to change the life of the common man. Unemployment and lawlessness are on the rise. If these problems are solved, what will be the story of those who come to the people in big vehicles to ask for votes, what thieves will sell, they will never let these thieves end. It is stored in abundance by every political party.

These forgotten kings are the people who think that after Imran Khan Shahbaz Sharif will come then all problems will be solved. When Usman Bazdar was installed on the throne of Lahore it was claimed that he is a public man Will do a lot for What happened is in front of everyone. Whether it is an ordinary ruler or a special one, when he joins the elite class, he remembers everything except the poor and working-class Pakistani who brings him to power.

Let’s see what the outcome of the current political circus is. What kind of camel does this loud-mouthed camel sit on? Who goes who comes Ordinary Pakistanis even in this situation pray that whatever happens is good for Pakistan. He does not ask for anything for himself. It is the job of the elite. He puts his own interests first and Pakistan’s interests later.

The common man is still praying for the country to be saved from any major crisis. Let the national interests not be trampled in the war of power, may Allah give wisdom to those who are currently lost in the intoxication of power.

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