PhD, M.Phil, MS and LLM Allowance Notifications of Punjab

The Employee of Government of the Punjab who have the degrees in Ph.D, M.Phil, MS, and LL.M in their academic career they are allowed to take an additional allowance. The Government of the Punjab Finance Department issued Notification no. FD.SR-I/9-21/2011 dated 30-06-2011 related to the notification of Grant of LL.M allowance at the rate of 50% of the Ph.D allowance. Any employee of the Punjab Government can take applications for the said allowance by fulfilling the requirement of his or her department.

Note: If you want to know the procedure to apply then click here to know.

Ph.D, M.Phil, MS, and LL.M Allowances are being given in the government departments. Notification for grant of the Ph.D, M.Phil, MS and LL.M allowances is hereby given below:

Grant of Ph.D/D.Sc M.Phil and MS Allowances


Grant of LL.M allowance @ 50% of Ph.D Allowance


After downloading the notification you must verify your degree from HEC or apply for the Degree verification through your department. Both are the valid procedures that you can follow. In some department, the administration office will conduct the whole procedure whereas in many departments the employee himself go through the verification procedure and after that apply for the allowance in his department.

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If you have any question regarding this notification or want to know more then ask your question in the comment section below.

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  1. Govt. of the Punjab, Finance Department vide letter No. FD.SR-1/10-3/2018( 180919/37744 ) dated 06-12-2018 , addressed to the Deputy Accountant General , Punjab has clarified that those having 18 years education equivalent to M.Phil degree are also entitled for grant of M.Phil allowance.( Prof. Dr. Babur Baig Mitaly , G.C. Gujranwala )

  2. A.a…sir I am govt teacher ….I am m.phill in biochemistry …I try many times for m.Phil allowance but every time clerk says that you are not elligible because your marks were included in recruitment so you can not take benifit now…please guide me

    1. Dear Sister, IF your job is based on M.Phil Degree only then you are not eligible for Allowance. As you are a government teacher you must be selected on Graduation or Master level and you are totally eligible for the allowance. If your clerk is not agreeing to give allowance ask him to show you any legal document in which it is written. Or else I am giving you M.phil allowance notification in which all the government officials are eligible for allowance as compared to 50% of the Ph.D. allowance. Follow download link in this same post and show to him. furthermore, you can go to the head of your department by taking this notification. There is no such thing that you marks is included or something else. All these are fake arguments or getting some remuneration from you.

  3. sir i am working as a junior clerk and passed ph.D . now what is current status of Ph.D allowance.

    1. Dear Brother, Congratulation on your Ph.D. Now you are eligible to avail the Ph.D. allowance that is Rs. 10,000/-. Go concern with your department about verification and getting Allwance as soon as possible.

  4. Sir i need a notification which showing that MS equal to Mphil..

    1. Dear Brother. I prepare a folder for you and emailed on your hotmail address about what you asked. May be it’ll be helpful for you. But one thing is that No body have objection on Equivalence of M.Phil and MS Degree. Every one knows it… You can see that folder please.

  5. Is this notification works for all departments?

    1. Yes Dear brother it is applicable for all departments.

      1. If you need any help regarding procedure then you can ask here.

  6. I have pass m.b.a is equal to m.phil and i also have equlance latter from h.e.c can i apply and recive allowance .i am a

    1. Yes brother you can apply. But before that Must ask your Department that they want to do the verification or you yourself do the verification from HEC or from your respective University. Because sometimes it happens that you do the verification yourself but your department do not agree to it. So, contact your account office before proceeding. But You are totally eligible.

  7. If 5 marks of m. Phil are included during recruitment, but require qualification was M. Sc, then i am elegible for m. Phil allowance

    1. Yes brother you are eligible. See, if the minimum requirement is M.Phil then you are not allowed to get allowance. But where it is M.Sc or B.A then you are eligible for allowance. Hope it will work for you. Do you still have any question I would love to help you out.

  8. Dear Sir, can we able to continue our Ph.D Allownce after retirement from Govt. Job….?

    1. No Dear. You cannot allow to get Ph.D allowance after your retirement. Only you’ll be able to get the pension of your govt job after retirement. But if you are a Professor and Lecturer then you don’t need to get the allowance because your Ph.D allowance is merged in your pension which is quite high in amount and also not equal to Ph.D allowance but some part of that is included.

  9. I applied for m.phil allowance but my department alleged me to provide m.phil equivalence letter as my degree is entitled as MS.
    what should I do now

  10. I applied for m.phil allowance but my department alleged me to provide m.phil equivalence letter as my degree is entitled as MS.
    what should I do now

    1. Both M.Phil and MS are equal 18 years of Degree. But Your department may be asking you for some remuneration as you know that the clerical staff do this for many reasons. But the smooth solution is that You can apply In HEC for M.Phil Equivalence Certificate and you can get it easily with in 1 month of time. You can apply it online on HEC website. There you will simple apply for Equivalence certificate for your degree and then they after completing the online procedure they will ask you to submit required fee which i think between 1000 to 2000 and then they will give you your Date of getting MS equalance certificate. Good Luck. if you have any other question kindly ask again.

  11. Thank you for the information.

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