PhD, M.Phil, MS and LLM Allowance Notifications of Punjab

The Employee of Government of the Punjab who have the degrees in Ph.D, M.Phil, MS, and LL.M in their academic career they are allowed to take an additional allowance. The Government of the Punjab Finance Department issued Notification no. FD.SR-I/9-21/2011 dated 30-06-2011 related to the notification of Grant of LL.M allowance at the rate of 50% of the Ph.D allowance. Any employee of the Punjab Government can take applications for the said allowance by fulfilling the requirement of his or her department.

Note: If you want to know the procedure to apply for this allowance then click here to know.

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Ph.D, M.Phil, MS, and LL.M Allowances are being given in the government departments. Notification for grant of the Ph.D, M.Phil, MS and LL.M allowances is hereby given below:

Grant of Ph.D/D.Sc M.Phil and MS Allowances


Grant of LL.M allowance @ 50% of Ph.D Allowance


After downloading the notification you must verify your degree from HEC or apply for the Degree verification through your department. Both are the valid procedures that you can follow. In some department, the administration office will conduct the whole procedure whereas in many departments the employee himself go through the verification procedure and after that apply for the allowance in his department.

If you have any question regarding this notification or want to know more then ask your question in the comment section below.

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