One Plot One Employee Policy 2023

The government of Pakistan Ministry of Housing and Works announced the One Plot One Employee Policy 2023. According to its notification no. 141/DIR/PPW/2023 Dated 02 March 2023:

Government servants shall not be allotted more than one plot with immediate effect.

In light of the above decision, henceforth the plot allotment policy to the Public/Government servants shall be as under:

  • Only one plot will be allotted to government employees and other specified groups during the entire service under allotment of plot schemes announced by the Federal government Housing Authority from time to time.
  • The one plot allotment will be made as per the approved policy of authority by the executive committee/board from time to time as per their entitlement according g to their scales from BS-01 to BS-22

All ministries/divisions are requested to ensure the circulation of the above-mentioned decision to their attached departments under their administrative control for information and compliance.

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