Number of Earned Leaves 9 or 10 During a Calendar Year

Many government employees feel confused regarding the earned leave counts. So, here you will know whether an employee avails 9 or 10 earned leaves during a year.

The question related to the employees of the government vocational departments or the employees having summer, spring, or winter vacation.

Most of the employees in this category are teachers from schools, colleges, or universities. So here you will know the matter of earning holidays for such kinds of employees.

The employees who don’t avail of summer, winter, and spring vacation perform whole of the year duty, so they get 48 days to leave in a calendar year 4 leaves per month.

Matter of 9 or 10 Earned Leaves During a Year

Now let’s talk about the main question of earning holidays for vocational staff during a year. There is a big confusion regarding 9 or 10 earned leaves.

Now let’s see what the rules say about this matter.

Rule of Counting of Leaves

As per the ESTA CODE, the employee of a vocational department gets one earned leave during a full calendar month. So now the question arises what is the meaning of a full calendar month?

Calendar Month and Full Calendar Month

A calendar month here means within a particular month i.e January, February, March, and so on.

Civil Servants in Vacation Department

If the employee starts his duty with effect from 17th August 2022 to 15th September 2022, we shall not take it as one month even though the total number of duties is 15 days in Aug and 15 days in September hence the total of 30 days of duty.

During this period the employee will not get even a single leave due to the following reason:

Full Calendar Month

A full calendar month consists of a minimum of 16 days of duty in any month. If the employee has 15 days of duty or less we shall not consider it and the employee is not eligible for earned leave during that month.

In the above example, the employee neither performed 16 days or more duty in August nor in September.

To be precise, if an employee performed duty with effect from 16th August to 3rd September, we shall count 01 leave to be credited into the employee’s leave account. As the employee performed only 18 days of duty only but he performed 16 days of duty in the calendar month of August.

When Employees Get credited 9 Leaves or 10 Leaves?

Keeping in view the above facts we can easily conclude when we calculate 9 leaves and when 10. To illustrate in a well way we shall take here the example of a school teacher leave crediting.

Example of Leave Crediting of a School Teacher

Suppose in a calendar year, Punjab Government announced holidays as per the following schedule:

Summer Vacation 2022 in Punjab Schools: 10th June 2022 to 15th August 2022.

Winter Holidays: 22nd December 2022 to 5th February 2023

Here in the above example, the employee performed the duty for 10 months as under:

  1. January 2022 = 1 F.C.M*
  2. February 2022 = 1 F.C.M
  3. March 2022 = 1 F.C.M
  4. April 2022 = 1 F.C.M
  5. May 2022 = 1 F.C.M
  6. June 2022 = 0 F.C.M (Only 10 days duty so less than 16 days duty)
  7. July 2022 = 0 F.C.M
  8. August 2022 = 1 month (performed 16 days of duty w.e.f 16th August 2022 to 31st August 2022)
  9. September 2022 = 1 F.C.M
  10. October 2022 = 1 F.C.M
  11. November 2022 = F.C.M
  12. December 2022 = 1 F.C.M (Performed 21 days duty with effect from 1st December 2022 to 21st December 2022)

* F.C.M (Full calendar month)

Table of the Leave Crediting

Sr. No Month Duty Days F.C. M Remarks
1 January 2022 31 days 1 F.C.M
2 February 2022 29 days 1 F.C.M
3 March 2022 31 days 1 F.C.M
4 April 2022 30 Days 1 F.C.M
5 May 2022 31 days 1 F.C.M
6 June 2022 10 day 0 F.C.M Only 9 days of duty so less than 16 days of duty in a calendar month
7 July 2022 0 days 0 F.C.M
8 August 2022 16 days 1 F.C.M performed 16 days of duty in a calendar month w.e.f 16th Aug 2022 to 31st Aug 2022
9 September 2022 30 days 1 F.C.M
10 October 2022 31 days 1 F.C.M
11 November 2022 30 days 1 F.C.M
12 December 2022 21 days 1 F.C.M Performed 21 days of duty in a calendar month with effect from 1st December 2022 to 21st December 2022
Total F.C.M   10 F.C.M

As the employee got 10 F.C.M so he will get credited 10 leaves in his leave account in that particular year.

9 Leaves in a Calendar Year

Suppose the Government announced summer vacation with effect from 10th June 2022 to 16th August 2022. In this situation, in August 2022, the employee performed only 15 days of duty so there is no full calendar month duty.

For a full calendar month you know there is a need for 16 days or more duty. In the above example, the employee will get 9 leaves credit into his leave account during that year.

Correction in Leave Account

After reading the details of 9 or 10 Earned Leaves During a Calendar Year, the employees have fully aware of the rulings.

Now Keeping in view the above discussion, the employees who have leave accounts with 9 leaves credited in a financial year can check the reality of these 9 leaves crediting.

If they had the right to 10 leaves instead of 9 leaves then they should get corrected their leave accounts by their respective departments.

As even a single leave in the leave account of such employees has great financial value. These leaves will support them financially in leave encashment and leave preparatory to retirement. If they get Leave encashment, they will get paid for each leave but a maximum of 365 days of leave.

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