New Chief Justice of Pakistan, Expectations and Challenges

What are the expectation and challenges for the upcoming Chief Justice of Pakistan? For every new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, there are some expectations and many challenges. Similarly, on 2 February 2022, Mr. Justice Omar Ata Bandial is taking over as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Every conscious Pakistani is aware of the challenges that the judiciary of Pakistan is facing at the moment. Here we will analyze what we should expect and what challenges the New Chief Justice of Pakistan will have.

Looking back, our courts have always not only provided protection to unconstitutional people but also granted them more than they expected. What can be lost? Thus, it is a sign of the power of the Supreme Court that it can not only hang the elected Prime Minister but also disqualify him for life apart from deportation but the expectations of the common man are seldom met.

On the one hand, Rao Anwar comes out of nowhere, and on the other hand, the poor man gets justice only after many years have passed since he was buried in the grave. The common man, in search of justice, passes away, looking at the white marble building with sadness. According to the data presented in the Senate in November 2021, there are currently 2,159,655 cases pending in the courts of Pakistan.

And 1,048 posts of judges are awaiting an appointment in high courts and district courts across the country. According to statistics, 51,138 cases in the Supreme Court, 178 cases in the Federal Shariah Court, 193,030 cases in the Lahore High Court, 1,345,632 civil and family cases in the District, and Sessions Courts of Punjab, 83,150 cases in the Sindh High Court, and District Judiciary of Sindh.

The number of cases is 115,296. In Peshawar High Court, 42,180 cases, the number of cases pending in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sessions and District Courts is currently 240,436, in Balochistan High Court, 4,663 cases, 15,729 cases are awaiting the decision in Balochistan District Judiciary. There are 16,374 cases pending in the Abad High Court, while 51,849 cases are pending in the District and Sessions Courts.

Given the enormous number of pending cases, the new Chief Justice’s first objective should be to streamline these cases and there should be justice as it appears. Is the only institution in the country where there is no examination for the appointment of judges in the High Court and there is no set procedure for it.

In the civil service of Pakistan, if a person gets a job in grade 17, then there are changes in his personality and psychology through new courses which are helpful in performing his duties. Here the standard of development is so strict. Of the hundreds of officers’ badges, only a few succeed in reaching grade 22. In the meantime, training continues.

An officer who started his career as a Captain in the Pakistan Army takes various courses for the promotion of every rank. War Courses, Staff College Courses But the father of the judiciary is unique. Any lawyer who reaches a certain age and spends a certain number of years in advocacy is considered eligible for the higher judiciary.

Only special chambers are awarded through this process. The most affected parties in this procedure are the civil judges who become part of the lower judiciary after hard work and lengthy examinations but there is hardly any such civil judge. That is why a young civil judge who becomes a part of the lower judiciary can never imagine his progress.

This is due to the fact that they are also humiliated by some members of the High Judiciary. While doing so, he reached the positions of the High Court and Supreme Court. Lawyers and judiciary are two wheels of the same vehicle.

Now reports are being received from various cities that sometimes judges are being tortured and sometimes judges are locked in a room and insisted on writing their own verdicts. Ending this practice is also new. It will be a big challenge for the Chief Justice. The nominee Chief Justice Mr. Omar Ata Bandial who is replacing the Chief Justice Mr. Gulzar Ahmed himself has been a part of it during the lawyer’s movement but now such steps need to be taken which will not only benefit the judiciary. He said that power should be restored, its dignity should be safeguarded and effective measures should be taken to discipline the lawyers as well.

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