Model Courts: How Model Courts of Pakistan Works?

The establishment of Model Courts is a marvelous step of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Asif Saeed Khosa. These Model Courts are established only for the purpose of conducting inexpensive and speedy trials.

In this article, you’ll learn about the establishment and benefits of Model Courts in Pakistan. After reading this article your some of the questions will be cleared like:

  • What are Model Courts of Pakistan?
  • How the Model Courts Works?
  • How and whom the Model Court Reports?
  • Does Model Courts Give Benefits or Loss?

What are Model Courts of Pakistan?

It was the day of 3rd March 2019 when the then Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa announced the establishment of the Model Courts in the country. He promised to the nation that the Model Courts will start working from 1st April 2019 in over Pakistan. And after that inexpensive and speedy justice will be delivered to the people of Pakistan.

The Real objective behind the establishment of the Model Courts is to decide the cases that are pending for many years. Model Courts are established under article 37 (d) of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973. According to article 37 (d), “the state will provide its citizens with inexpensive and speedy justice”. Since the 1st of April 2019, these Model Courts are working efficiently in the entire country.

How the Model Courts Works?

The working of Model Courts is little different from the ordinary courts in the country. Currently, the Murder and Narcotics cases have been sent in the Model Courts for speedy trials.

A case when listed in the daily cause list of Model Courts, the Judge of Model Court with the consultation of the concerned lawyer makes a schedule of 7 to 15 days for the hearing of that case and then this case is heard day today. The procedure is when a schedule is given in any case then no one can ask for any type of adjournment.

For a better work, a Police wireless room is already attached with the Model Courts so that no one has to go by foot for giving any message. This is how so much of the time can be saved. The prosecution department, Police and Medical department is also annexed with this Model Court. They are ordered by their higher authorities that in case what so ever the proceeding of the Model Court should not be halted. That’s the reason there are more than one prosecutor is always available in the courtroom so that more and more work could be done.

The Police department is ordered to make sure the attendance of the accused person in the court. No laziness is acceptable for them. And where the person is not able to attend the court for giving evidence then the online procedure for taking evidence is being used.

How and whom the Model Court Reports?

Now we try to know how and whom this Model Court reports about their progress and many other things.

Before establishing the Model Courts the staff from all over Pakistan is called in the Federal Judicial Academy for the purpose of training. This staff reports the progress of Model Court to the Supreme Court through the website, online form, email and various other methods.

Through this reporting, the Supreme Court of Pakistan analyzes how many cases are decided in one day, one week and in one month period. These reports also depict the performance of the Judges of the Model Courts.

Does Model Courts Give Benefits or Loss?

Speedy Justice is inevitable. Every person wants it. Nobody likes to visit the court day after day. Keeping this thing in mind, these courts have been established. Where an ordinary criminal court decides 5 to 10 cases in one month now these model courts are deciding more than 25 cases in one month. See the difference now.

In the beginning, the lawyers created so much trouble. They locked the Model Courts and went for the strike. Then the period of consultation with Pakistan Bar Council and other Bar Councils of Pakistan. After successfully consultation of both Bar and Bench the Model Courts reopened and started working.

So, now if we analyze then there is no loss in making these courts in Pakistan. Except for those lawyers who charge their fee on every day’s hearing from their clients.

Now the Civil Model Courts are also establishing in the country and they will start working in the middle of the year 2019.


So, I am sure now you have learned about the Model Courts, their working, their procedures, and many other relevant things. I hope after reading this article when you talked with your fellows then you must have more knowledge than them. For now if still have any question regarding these Model Courts you can ask in the comment section below.

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