M.Phil, MS, PhD and LLM Allowance to Employees Across the Board

M.Phil, MS, Ph.D. and LLM Allowance to Employees Across the Board. The Government of Punjab issued notification no. FD.SR.I/9-21/2016 dated 22.08.2019 stating that all servants in Punjab across the board, working under the administrative control of the Punjab Government without taking consideration of and linking the same with recruitment rules and jobs assigned to the various posts. They all are eligible for M.Phil, MS, Ph.D, and LLM Allowance this allowance. There is something which must be considered before getting M.Phil, MS, Ph.D, and LLM Allowance to All Employees Across the Board like: 

Employees Having Basic Pay Scales

M.Phil, MS, PhD and LLM Allowance will be admissible to the employees of all the Statutory Bodies, Semi-Autonomous bodies, Corporation which have adopted the scheme of Basic Revised Pay Scales (BPS) of the Punjab Government. 

Allowance Amount

All the government servants who have acquired the Ph.D degrees will be entitled to get 10,000 Rupees per month as Ph.D Degree Allowance and all those employees who have acquired the M.Phil, LL.M  and MS Degrees will be entitled to draw 5000  Rupees per month as M.Phil, LL.M, and MS Allowance.

Note: It is to be noted that some departments do not accept MS degree for this allowance, in this case kindly get your M.Phil equivalence certificate from HEC and then proceed with the departmental procedure. Even do can request your concern government department to get this equivalence or verified your degree from HEC.

Who is Already Getting M.Phil, LL.M Allowances

The government employees who are already getting the M.Phil and LL.M allowance before the issuance of this notification, they continue receiving this allowance until they acquire a higher degree of Ph.D. When an employee acquired a Ph.D. degree then he is totally entitled to the subsequent degree allowance which is Ph.D. These employees will not get M.phil LL.M allowances any more but only a Ph.D. allowance from the date of completion of this degree. 

Date of Implementation of this Notification

This notification is in implementation since its issuance which is 22.08.2019. This notification is not overriding the earlier notification regarding these allowances but must be considered as an addition to this. 

Note: If you want to know the procedure to apply then click here to know.

Notification for grant of the Ph.D., M.Phil, MS and LL.M allowances is hereby given below:

Grant of Ph.D, M.Phil, and LL.M allowance notification 22.08.2019


Grant of Ph.D/D.Sc M.Phil and MS Allowances Notification 2011


Grant of LL.M allowance @ 50% of Ph.D Allowance


Grant of MS M.Phil allowance to KPK Employees

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You can also check the article on revised rates of this allowance for Federal Government Employees and also for Special Science and Technology Allowance.


If you have any questions regarding this Ph.D., M.Phil and LL.M allowance notification 2019 or want to know more about the procedure and way of getting this allowance then ask your question in the comment section below. 


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