M.Phil Allowance @ 25% of Existing Amount of Ph.D Allowance of Sindh Government

The Government of Sindh, the Finance Department has issued a notification no. FD (SR-III) 5-90/2016 on 15-02-2019 in related to Clarification M.Phil allowance @ 25% of the existing amount of Ph.D allowance in the Sindh Government departments. Also with this notification with the following details of clarification which are: 

1. I am directed to refer to this department’s Policy Circulars of even number, dated 19-08-2016 & 26-01-2017, on the subject cited above.

2. it is once again clarified that the said Policy Circular, dated 19.08.2016 has explicitly defined that all those who acquire, the degree of M.Phil recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) will be allowed M.Phil Allowance @ 25% of the existing amount of Ph.D Allowance @ (Rs.25,00/- per month). Other degree or qualification, whether having an HEC equivalence or not, is not admissible for the allowance.

The authorities also directed the department head with the followings words. 

3. Administrative Departments are advised not to forward to this department cases of those employees who possess the degree or qualification other than Master of Philosophy.

Date of Implementation of this Notification

This notification is in implementation since its issuance which is 15.02.2019. 

Note: If you want to know the procedure to apply then click here to know.

Notification for grant of the Ph.D., M.Phil, MS and LL.M allowances is hereby given below:

M.Phil Allowance @ 25% of Existing Amount of Ph.D Allowance


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Grant of MS M.Phil allowance to KPK Employees

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You can also check the article on revised rates of this allowance for Federal Government Employees with Special Science and Technology Allowance.


If you have any questions regarding this Ph.D, M.Phil and LL.M allowance notification 2019 or want to know more about the procedure and way of getting this allowance then ask your question in the comment section below. 


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