LLM thesis topics in Pakistan

What is LL.M?

In this article, I have given many LL.M thesis Topics in Pakistan. The Master of Laws (M.L. or LL.M. in Latin Magister Legum or Legum Magister) is a postgraduate academic degree, followed by those who hold an academic law degree (LL.B). In some jurisdictions, the “Master of Laws” is the basic professional degree for admission into legal practice. Currently, doing a thesis for an LL.M degree is not compulsory as many universities offered a subject as a replacement for a thesis. In Pakistan, LL.M is equal to 18 years of education like M.Phil and MS. It is more often considered as an academic degree rather than a complete professional degree like LL.B which is compulsory for legal practice.

Why Doing a Thesis for LL.M is Considered Tough?

For many students, choosing a thesis topic for their LL.M thesis is quite tough work. The reason is they do not understand and cannot analyze which legal field should they choose to do their research for a thesis. That’s why so many students go for a single subject rather than doing long research. Although, research enhances your vision and broadens your knowledge which is ultimately helpful in shaping up your legal career in a very smooth way.

Another thing is that many students are lawyers and could not find time to do legal research for their selected topics. Therefore, they choose a single subject rather than going for research. Every student of Law should understand that doing research is exactly what they are doing in their daily court work. They do search for the case laws, relevant sections, and facts of the case. Similarly, doing research for their LL.M thesis is not more than this. A student must give his or her 1 to 2 hours daily not more than this and in response, they can easily manage their research and court work together.

For the guidance of such students who find it hard to what topic they should choose for their LL.M thesis, we have given here some topics for doing an LL.M thesis in Pakistan.

NOTE: These topics are just for the guidance of the students the finality of these topics to do research is subject to the approval from authorities of your specific institutions or universities.

LL.M thesis Topics Subjects to Choose From

Constitution of Pakistan
Islamic Law
Administrative Law
Law of Tort
Environmental Law
Consumer Law
International Law And Human Rights
Family Law
Company Law
Contract And Agreement
Pakistan Penal Code
Administration Of Justice
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Other Laws

Constitution of Pakistan

Rule of Law and the Constitution of Pakistan.

The Concept of Federalism under the Pakistan Constitution.

A comparative study of Presidential and Parliamentary forms of Government.

Writs and their importance under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Objective Resolution as the basis of the Constitution of Pakistan.

A Study of Fundamental Rights under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Four Freedoms and the Constitution of Pakistan.

Freedom of Speech under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Freedom of Religion under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Equality before Law and the Constitution of Pakistan.

Equal Protection of Laws and the Constitution of Pakistan.

Constitutional and Legal Framework for Public Administration in Pakistan.

The Need and Importance of Doctrine of Separation of Power in a Constitution.

Freedom of Association and its impacts in Pakistan

Islamic Law

Islamization of Laws in Pakistan: An overview

The concept of Welfare State and Islam.

The Concept of Crime and Punishment in Islam

Capital Punishment for Christianity and Islam: A Study

Ijtihad as a tool of Making Islam Workable in the Modern world.

Fundamental of Concept of Justice in Islam

The Problem of Enforcement of Islamic Law in the Muslim world

Islamic Insurance system and its legal implication in Pakistan

Current Practice and Issues in Islamic Banking with Special Reference to Pakistan

Administrative Law

Judicial Review of Administrative Actions through Courts.

The Ways and means of reforming Administrative Law in Pakistan.

Reforming Administration of Civil Justice in Pakistan.

Objective Resolution and their impact on the Administration of Justice in Pakistan.

The Compatibility of Rule of Law with the evil regime

The Importance of Writ Jurisdiction of Courts with Reference to Pakistan

The Aftermath of NRO Decision: A Pakistan Experience


Implementing the English Law of Tort in Pakistan.

Negligence as a Tort in Pakistan.

Defamation is a Tort in Pakistan.

Recovery of Damages in Tort Cases: A Study

Strict Liability as a Tort today.

‘Volenti non fit Injuria’ as a Defense in Tort.

Trespass to a Person and its remedies in tort.

Negligence and its Defenses in Tort: A Study of Local Case Law

The Tort of Malicious Prosecution and the Local Case Law

Privilege as a Defense in the Tort of Defamation

The Concept of Vicarious Liability in Tort

Causes of Lesser Development of Tort in Pakistan.

Environmental Law

Nuisance and its Impact on Environment

The Concept of Sustainable Development in Environmental Law

Environmental Protection Law and the Role of UNO

Consumer Law

Protection of the Rights of the Consumer under the Statute Law in Pakistan.

Intellectual Property Law and the cases in Pakistan.


The Privileged Communications and the Law of Evidence in Pakistan.

Legal Status Accomplice under the Law of Evidence of Pakistan.

The Importance of Identification of Parade in Crimes.

Relevancy of Facts and their importance in proof of Evidence.

The Law of Admissions and Confessions under the Qanoon-e-Shahadat 1984

The Evidentiary Value of Estoppels under the Law of Evidence.

The Evidentiary of Extra-Judicial Confessions and the Case Law in Pakistan.

The Concept of Judicial Confessions in the Light of Legal Decisions.

Legal Value of Statement of Accused before a Police Officer.

Importance of Dying declaration in the Law of Evidence.

Importance of Expert Evidence Under QSO 1984.

The Role Documentary Evidence in QSO 1984.

The Importance of Presumptions in the Law of Evidence.

Child as a Witness in the Court of Law

The Art of Cross-Examination in Judicial Proceedings.

The Question of Admissibility of Electronic Evidence in Courts.

International Law and Human Rights

Racism and International Human Rights Law: A Case Study

Discrimination against women and Human Rights: A Study

Prohibition of Torture in International Human Rights Law: A Study

Right of Refugees in International Law.

Crime against Humanity and International Law

Future of International Trade under the World Trade Organization.

SAFTA and place of Pakistan in International Law.

International Labour Organization and Problems of Forced Labour in Pakistan.

The Law and Protection of Judicial Immunity of a Foreign State

The Weakening Regime of the United Nations Organization.

The Right to life under the Universal Declaration

Violation against women in Pakistan with reference to Honor Killing

Role of Lawyer as Protector of Human Rights

Violence against women and role of Judiciary in Pakistan

Terrorism and Human Rights for International Perspective: A Survey

Hell with Customary Practice of Honor Killing as a Relic of the Stone Age

Family Law

Rights of Hearing of Children in Family Cases after Parental Divorce

Concepts and Implementation of Talaq and Khula in Islamic family system: A Case Study

Company Law

The Doctrine of Ultra Vires in Company Business in Pakistan.

Minority Shareholders and their Protection under the Company Law in Pakistan

Rights and Liabilities of Directors Under the Company Ordinance 1984

The Role of SECP in Promoting the Company Law in Pakistan

Lifting the veil of Incorporation: A Case Law study

The Doctrine of Indoor Management of a Company

Dissolution of Company on Just and equitable Grounds

Law relating the winding up of Company under the Company Ordinance, 1984

Stock Exchange as the Shopping Center for Company Business in Pakistan

The Importance of Meeting of Companies under the Companies Ordinance, 1984

Company Law and role of Stock Exchange in Pakistan

Concept of Agency in Contracts: Cases and Material in Pakistan

Rights and Liabilities of Corporation as Person in Pakistan

Contract and Agreement

Law of Bailment in Contract: A Case Study.

Role of free consent in Contract: A Study

Law of Indemnity and Guarantee in Contracts.

The Need and Importance of Consideration in Contracts.

The frustration of Contracts: Causes and Effects and the Law of Pakistan

The Knowledge Modaraba Contracts in present-day Pakistan.

Rights and Liabilities of a Partner as Agent.

Trust, Trustee, and Beneficiaries: A Case study.

Specific Performance of a Contract: A case law study.


Criminology, Crime, and Punishment: A Study.

Concept of Care proceedings for Juveniles: A case law study.

Reforming and Rehabilitation of Criminal: A Study.

Crimes against Women in Pakistan.

White Collar Crimes in Pakistan.

The Role of Consent in Crime.

Juvenile Justice System in Pakistan.

The Condition of Female Criminals in Jail ways and means to improve them.

Administration of Criminal justice in Pakistan.

Pakistan Penal Code

The Law of Defamation Under Pakistan Penal Code.

Juvenile Justice System and the Parental Role of the Court of Law.

A General Study of Women Protection Act, 2006.

Law of Bails in Non-Bailable offenses.

The Grounds for seeking remand for investigation.

Law of Criminal Conspiracy in Pakistan.

Role of Prosecution in Criminal Courts.

The Interpretation of Statues the practice and procedure in Pakistan

Educational Value of Theories of Punishment in Jurisprudence

Prohibition of Offender: The Law and Practice in Pakistan

Juvenile Delinquency: Its Causes and Cure

Administration of Justice

The Concept of Speedy Justice in Pakistan.

Justice as Main Purpose of Law: A Study

Law of the injunction in Pakistan

Primary Function of Civil Courts in Pakistan

Secondary Function of Courts in Pakistan

Precedent as a Source of Law: A study

Ways and Means of Judicial Reasoning

The Object of Declaratory Decrees in Civil Suits

Introducing inexpensive and expeditious Justice through Courts in Pakistan

The Concept of Possessory remedies in Pakistani Law

Independence of Judiciary and protection of Rights of People

Judicial Practice of Interpretation of Law and Fact

The Art of Judgment Writings

Impact of Effective Argumentation in Courts

The tool of Research Methodology in Pakistan

Trafficking of Women and Children and the Criminal Justice System of Pakistan

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Benefits of the A.D.R system in Pakistan.

Arbitration as a Means of Decision Making

ADR a way of speedy justice

A Critical Analysis of Judicial Review of Arbitrarily Award on a Question of Law

Ombudsman and his Role as the Arbiter of Justice in Pakistan

Other Laws

Judicial Review and the Powers of the High Court in Pakistan

The doctrine of Necessity and its implication in Pakistan.

The Role and Purpose of the supreme judicial council in Pakistan.

Contempt of Court as a mean of Judicial Control.

The role of Convention in the British Constitution.

The concept of Welfare State: A Jurisprudential Study.

Road Accidents and the Law of Compensation in Pakistan.

The Rules of Recovery of Damages for Personal Injuries.

The role of Presumptions and Fictions in Common Law

Rights and Liabilities of State as an Artificial Person

These are some of the topics for doing research for getting an LL.M degree. You should consult your university or your concern supervisor for selecting one of the topics from here. This post will be updated from time to time with future amendments so that you can find new topics for doing your research. If you have any confusion relating to the topics of an LL.M thesis topic you can ask your question in the comment section given below.

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