Lifestyle and Habits of the Spanish People

In this article, I am going to share the Lifestyle and Habits of the Spanish People. You should understand this if you really want to understand the Spanish people and how they spend their life, their economic behavior, their lifestyle, and etiquette. Let’s have a look at the lifestyle and daily habits of the Spanish People.

Daily Lifestyle and Habits of the Spanish People

La Rambla is the Champs Elysees of Barcelona. It is a two-kilometer-long shopping street. There are stores of all the major brands of the world on both sides. There are wide sidewalks in the middle. People walk on these sidewalks all day long.

There are also coffee shops and restaurants in the shopping centers and live music is played here and there. La Rambla starts from the beach. In front of the port is a giant statue of Columbus. If you look at the statue carefully “Bicycle rickshaws stand on the sidewalk in the shadow of the statue,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then.

I asked him, “Why are you driving a rickshaw?” He laughed. Taxi drivers are not coming back to work which has created a vacuum in this sector so I started riding bicycle rickshaws. I will take four or five bicycle rickshaws in three months and I will hand over this job to others and get out of it myself so that my income will be managed permanently.

The young cyclist was right when he said, “Before Corona, there were ten thousand taxis in Barcelona. They had a monopoly on Spanish drivers.” There is a shortage of taxis and this market is fast falling into the hands of Pakistanis the government is telling Pakistanis, Why are Pakistanis getting this opportunity? This is because of the traditions of Spanish society. The Spanish people are very different from the rest of Europe and close to the Pakistani traditions.

They are humane, they have no class divisions and they are not racist. In Spain, rich or poor, locals or foreigners are all equal. In offices and factories, CEOs and ordinary workers, eat in cafeterias. Cleaners get up and dance with the deans during university functions.

The country’s economy depends on tourism, so they mingle with strangers. Like us on social networking. They are convinced that if there is work in any office in any place, they will look for someone who knows like us and that person who knows will spread the word according to Pakistani tradition.

If you are an acquaintance or have come through an acquaintance, all avenues will open up for you. The Spanish people, unlike the rest of Europe, have a feeling of empathy. He will explain, “If you understand, fine, otherwise he will leave his job and take you to the address.” These are also socially relaxed people. Shops and restaurants are closed, and people relax at home and then return to work in the afternoon. They are friendly. They are not racist at all. There was only one Pakistani restaurant in Barcelona in 2000. Today there are 80 of them. Ninety percent of the customers in these restaurants are Spanish. Why?

Because they are not racist. They do not make food decisions based on color or race. They make decisions based on menus and services. They also have diverse temperaments. They try new things, new foods, and new traditions. The system is as slow as ours. They are not in a hurry to do any work. Therefore, like us, these people are tired of their bureaucratic system.

The judicial system is not very active. Decisions are delayed and lawyers are with the opposition. Seattle Mint is an agricultural country, so you can see fields, gardens, and forests all over the country. In the Muslim areas of the past, olives are cultivated on millions of acres.

You can see olive trees, palms are plentiful, Spain earns بل 10 billion annually from olive exports Spain is one of the three largest exporters of Maltese juice. They use modern farming methods. Every field has a pond and crops are irrigated by drip irrigation. They live in farmhouses and are as happy and satisfied as our villagers. The family system is strong.

These people do not like divorce like Pakistanis so they prolong the divorce process and give the parties a chance to go back again and again. Judges also try to reconcile in every possible way before the verdict. Don’t like extramarital affairs because you don’t see pornography in Spain like in the rest of Europe. They are religious but not violent. They respect mosques, temples, and synagogues like churches. They are business-friendly. We invite the mayor of Granada to come to Pakistan.

He replied, “I am very busy, but if you arrange a meeting with my Pakistani businessmen and investors, I will come to Pakistan tomorrow,” said Ambassador Manuel Drone. Landlords are always open to artisans and tourists, so Spain feels largely Pakistani.

Spain’s town planning is also commendable. Barcelona is Europe’s first regular modern city. If you look at it from the air, you can see it in a square pattern. The city is divided into blocks and each block has all the amenities of life. Therefore, people of one block do not have to go to another block for employment, education, health, and sports.

If we take an in-depth look at the problems of Pakistan today, we will see that the reason for this is travel. Schools, hospitals, markets, markets, and offices are far away in our cities. “If we fix schools, hospitals, markets, and offices in the neighborhoods and sectors, people will not have to go far for basic amenities and this will reduce the cost of petrol,” he said. Air pollution will also be controlled. Spain is well aware of the tourism industry, so it has made the whole country a tourist destination.

If people want to see the Islamic heritage, they have Cordoba, Granada, Sevia, Toledo, Murcia, and Malaga. There are Quranic verses on the walls. Muslims come and see their heritage. Ali Kante has all the resources for coastal tourism. If you want modern life, there are Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona, ​​and they are in no way behind Paris, London, or New York. You have casinos. If you want pubs and dance floors, they are everywhere in Spain. If you like adventure tourism, this facility is also available everywhere in the country.

Whether you go out into the woods, into the seas, or into the mountains, if you like the ancient way of life, then the Spanish gypsies and their flamenco dance are famous all over the world. Watching the dance and the Tomato Festival and Bullfighting in Spain awaits millions of tourists every year. You can also enjoy it as if Spain has gathered all the colors of tourism in one place.

We also have it all. Let’s just increase civic amenities in Pakistan. If we consider tourism as an industry and open our country to tourism then Pakistan can also become Spain because we are like Spain from both social and geographical sides. We just need stability and direction.

So these are some of the Lifestyles and Habits of the Spanish People.

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