Life After LL.B – 7 Negative Plus Positive Things

Life After LL.B 7 Negative Plus Positive Things

Life is always unpredictable. You cannot have a parallel life at any cost. Similarly, life after LL.B is also unpredictable. When you are a student of Law the concept of this life is very different from the actual life. The whole scenario opened up when you enter in this field as a practicing lawyer. It is a good life for some lawyers and at the same time, it becomes so tough for the other lawyers. The ratio of negativity and positivity in this profession is somewhat equal if not contradict.

So, in this article, we’ll explore some negative and positive about Life after LL.B. This article is not against this profession but to explore the facts and figures that what is happening and what should happen.

Whenever we think about something there always two things that came in our mind. One is negative and other is a positive thing. When we start thinking about our profession then many of us have such mentality that gains negative things more than positive things. For example, why do this? How to do this? Who to do this? Rather a simple thinking that I do this.

These negative thoughts surround our mind and after hours of thinking, some positive sides start appearing. A similar situation happens when we want to adopt Law as our career. So, let’s share some negative and positive things about Life After LL.B and how to change the negativity into positivity. Let’s look at the Negative and Positive things.

1. Any One Can Do Law

Law is a very dynamic career. Now LL.B degree is also a five-year professional degree same as doctor and engineer. So, the first negative thing that anyone can do law, now it becomes a little difficult. Not everyone can do law. You must remember that anyone who is just the upcoming paper night before examination he has to face the failure.

Now the scene is that the person who is like this, now he does not even take admission in the Law. You know why? Because the Law Admission Test (LAT) has been introduced in the country. Now if anyone wants to take the admission for LL.B degree he has to pass the LAT. It’s a marvelous step that makes this practical degree more professional one. And I hope that lawyers that do this five-year degree, there will be a lot of difference between the new and the previous lawyers. Yes! It is correct that Law the which is matter is the experience. But good education plays its own role.

So, what’s the positive thing we have found in it? The Positive thing is that LL.B has become a professional degree. Anyone who did this degree is considered better than before.

2. New Comers Took More Time to Adjust

It is said that a newcomer took a lot of time to adjust in the legal field. Especially if he is a practicing lawyer at a District level. But did you ever think of why they took a lot of time?

A lot of things came under this argument. That is senior lawyer did not give them proper time to get training. Maybe it happens many a time. I am not rejecting this argument. But imagine why they teach you the things that they have earned after 10- or 20-years efforts. Nobody likes to give away all his labor as it is. You have to earn it. How you can earn this? Surely, by making a lot of efforts. You have to get grooming by yourself.

But unfortunately, the scene is, new lawyers came from home by putting fresh uniforms. They gather here and there and then went to the canteen and spent all the day in Gup-shup and backbiting of the seniors. They don’t even realize they are wasting themselves. They don’t even touch any law book after the examinations.

Most of them just walking along with the seniors by picking the books. Even if they went to court with senior, they just stand back to the senior and chatting on mobile with someone special. Who could be on another side of the mobile I am sure you all know better about it. Only wearing the uniform or only senior teaches you, this is not what will make your legal career a professional career.

So, what are the Positive things in it? The thing is you have to do something for yourself. Don’t waste time in such activities and try to learn more and more so that you can utilize it in making your legal career.

You can also see this video to understand easily:

3. Lying and Deceiving is a Habit

Yes, you can say that and no one else is responsible but the lawyers themselves. They don’t give their client proper attention even after receiving full case fee. The clients even have to pay for the Munshi. After that, the worse thing is that the client is made to visit day after day so that on every visit more expenses have been charged in one way of the other.

Sometimes they caught the client in such a way that the client doesn’t have another option left than accepting what the lawyer has said.

There is dire need to create positivity in this point. You should stop lying and try to help your client as much as he deserves. Obviously, you are taking fee solely for this purpose.

4. It Takes 5 Years to Get Success

Obviously, what I have stated above so far, surely it takes 5 years. I am of the view that if the newcomers don’t take this profession as professionally they don’t even get success after 10 years. If you analyze that 2 years of practice is required to become a Civil Judge. What does it mean?

It means if a lawyer becomes a Judge after 2 years of practice then 2 years are enough to become successful in this field. Who becomes successful? Only those who take this profession seriously and work hard on their learning.

So, the Positive thing is don’t waste your time and give proper time to your profession. Give proper time as you are giving time to your Facebook and WhatsApp.

5. Just Win One Big Case – Your Career will Boost Up

You have often heard that win a big case and you are rock n roll. But the fact is one case cannot decide your career. You know why? The reason is Law is a very vast field in which every day new rules, new laws, and various amendments are happening. If you really want to become a successful lawyer then you have to understand and aware of all the laws, rules and various amendments. It is not a hard task to do. Many lawyers in Pakistan are doing this regularly and they are so much successful. They have groom themselves so much that you easily see the difference between them and other lawyers.

So, the Positive thing is making a schedule of your study and follow it. Groom yourself every day and you’ll soon find a perfect difference and be able to see yourself as a successful lawyer.

6. A Lot of Money in this Profession

It is also incorrect to suggest because the thing that is considering most is your knowledge about law and your presentation skills in the court. Both of these qualities should be present in any good lawyers. There is a solid reason behind it. The Big companies give their cases to these lawyers, not the young ones. Money is limited to such lawyers only not for everyone. The new lawyer who has knowledge and presentation skills can even earn like them there is no limit on this.

So, the Positive thing we have found from this point is that you should improve your learning so that you can earn more and more.

7. Having a Law Chamber of Your Own

A good chamber may create a good impression on your client. Many famous lawyers took more fee on this basis. Clients are also ready to pay many times. But I just want to clear that misleading thought that having a chamber is not compulsory. There are so many Civil and Additional Judges that didn’t go to any chamber but they become Judge due to their own learning and knowledge.

Own a legal chamber is not easy as it cost hundreds of thousands of Rupees. If you don’t have much money it doesn’t mean that you should stop learning and grooming yourself.

So, the Positive thing is that it is not necessary to have a chamber. You should give yourself a proper time so that you can shape up your career with your own hands.


To sum up the above discussion the I found the result and that is Learning and focus. By doing this you can become a good lawyer, Judge, prosecutor so and so. There is no limit of education, learning and earning. Just you have to give proper time and focus on your legal knowledge. So now if you still have any question regarding this article you can free to ask in the comment section below. Your feedback is warmly welcome.

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