LAW GAT Past Papers (Test Paper 1)

LAW Graduate Assessment Test ( LAW GAT) is a compulsory test for enrolling as an advocate in the District Bar Associations of Pakistan. We have arranged Law GAT Past Papers (Test Paper 1) here. Law GAT is held every 3 months. The test comprises MCQs of Constitution, Jurisprudence, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Qanoon-e-Shahadat, and English language. You can also apply for LAW GAT when the date announces by visiting this link.

This is the first test paper of LAW GAT. You can view Test paper 2, Test paper 3, Test paper 4, and Test Paper 5 also.

You can also view LAW GAT paper held on 23 October 2022 with a solution.

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#1. The President of Pakistan is elected for a term of?

#2. The President takes the oath of his office before the?

#3. Which article of the Constitution of Pakistan relates to the appointment of Prime Minister?

#4. The 3rd Constitution of Pakistan enforced on?

#5. Under which constitution it was made responsibility of the government to make arrangements for religious education?

#6. How many year the first Constitution assembly lasted?

#7. Name the act under which the constituent assembly of Pakistan was formed for framing the Constitution?

#8. Dicey’s principle of the “Rule of Law” implies that

#9. The term “Suffrage” means?

#10. The number of amendments effected in the American Constitution are?

#11. The expression which raises the question, by what warrant a particular public office is held and this goes to the lawful authority behind the appointment is:

#12. What is utilitarianism?

#13. Who formed a society called Ahl-e-Hadis to collect traditions?

#14. Which of the following is true regarding Isma-ur-Rijal?

#15. The literal meaning of Dariyat is?

#16. Name the types of Wahi?

#17. When the first wahi was revealed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?

#18. Give the name of those who was not prophet but pious and therefore is mentioned in the Holy Quran?

#19. How many ayats of the Quran imply on Khatm-e-Nabuwat?

#20. which ayat of surah Nisa forbids the beating of women?

If you find any mistake in this test then comment below with the correct information so that we can correct it as well

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