Latest PhD, M.Phil, MS and LLM Allowance Notifications 2019 (Fully Explained)

The Government Employees of Punjab were given the entitlement to get a special allowance (Ph.D M.Phil and LL.M) in a previous notification back in 2011.  The minimum criteria were to have 18 years of education in their academic career.  Now so many government employees had already taken this allowance since then. Many of you still have confusion and were asking about the equivalent degree to M.Phil, MS. The questions were based mainly upon, are the people who have an equivalent degree will be eligible to get the Ph.D M.Phil and LL.M Allowance as per notification of 2019. So, now the government has issued another notification regarding this Ph.d, M.Phil, MS or LL.M allowance. This new notification has cleared the ambiguities in the previous Ph.D, M.Phil, MS and LL.M notification issued in 2011.

Basically, the main objective behind giving this allowance was financial help. It was given to those government servants who were working on lower scales but they have acquired higher education. It is an encouraging step by the way. Where this allowance was awarded to the government servants, there was also some kind of ambiguities arose. No doubt many of these were arose by the clerical staff who wants bribe from every government employee who required this allowance.

Previously, the Government of the Punjab Finance Department issued Notification no. FD.SR-I/9-21/2011 dated 30-06-2011 related to the notification of Grant of LL.M allowance at the rate of 50% of the Ph.D allowance. Any employee of the Punjab Government can take applications for the said allowance by fulfilling the requirement of his or her department.

So, that was the previous story of this allowance. Now let’s move forward to this new notification of 2019.

The government of Punjab has issued a notification no. FD.SR.I/9-21/2016 dated 22.08.2019 and in the below lines, you’ll find the complete and step by step guide/explanation of this new Ph.D, M.Phil, MS and LL.M allowance 2019.

Explanation of Ph.D, M.Phil, LL.M Allowance 2019

There is very good news for many of the government employees through this new notification of 2019 such as:

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

In the previous notification of 2011 regarding the higher education allowance, there was a rule that for example; if a person is recruited on a particular job (for example a lecturer) on basis of M.Phil, then he was not entitled to get this allowance. It was a rule of in the previous notification. But now with the issuance of this new notification in  2019 regarding Ph.D, M.Phil and LL.M allowances, the government of Punjab has superseded all the previous notifications by allowing all the employees with effect from 01.08.2019.

Now if a person is recruited on Ph.D, M.Phil, MS or LL.M he is totally entitled to get this allowance.

Allowance is Admissible Across the Board

The allowance notification of 2019 has clearly stated in his 1 point that this allowance is admissible to all of the employees working in any circumstances or any administrative units. Now the employees neither be assessed on the basis of their minimum required education for their current job nor about the nature of their work. All of the employees who are eligible for this are cleared to get this allowance without any trouble. Just grab your degree of Ph.D, M.Phil or LL.M.

Statutory Bodies / Semi-Autonomous Organizations

At the 2nd point of this notification, it is mentioned that all the employee working under Statutory Bodies / Semi-Autonomous Organizations and Corporations that have adopted the Government Pay Scale scheme to hire the new staff on various posts, they are also admissible to get this allowance. Now, there will be no question is left behind whether people working under such departments are admissible or not. All of them are now eligible to get the allowance.

Amount of Allowance

In the 3rd point of this notification, the amount of this allowance is settled as before. The Ph.D holder will get 10,000 Rupees and those who have M.Phil or LL.M degrees are admissible to get 50% of the Ph.D allowance. There is nothing new in this section to be explained more.

Date of Admissibility of Allowance

In the 4th point, the government clearly stated that the date of admissibility will the date of obtaining the degree. For example, if a person has obtained the M.Phil degree in December 2017 and then in May 2019 he got the Job of a Teacher or an Assistant in any government department. Now this person is admissible to get this allowance on his date of joining this department.

Those who are already in service and doing their degrees will be admissible to get this allowance on date of issuance of their respective degrees. For example, a person is on a government job since 2014 and now in 2019 he has obtained his M.Phil or degree then he is entitled to get this allowance in 2019 on the date of issuance of the M.Phil degree.

The Employee who has Already Taken this Allowance

Now at the 5th point, the government has stated that those employees who are currently taking this allowance from their respective departments and if they will go further to acquire the Ph.D degree then they are totally allowed to get the allowance as per their new degree (Ph.D degree). Further, they have discussed that when they got the new higher degree then the current allowance of M.Phil will be discontinued from the same date they have taken the new allowance of their  Ph.D degree.

Higher Education Verification

6th point is related to verification of the degree. The government said all those government employees who want to get this allowance must verify that the university from which they got this degree must be an HEC verified university. Otherwise, they are not entitled to get the allowance. There is a complete way that I have explained how to apply for Ph.D, M.Phil, MS and LL.M allowance.

Degrees Equivalent to M.Phil, MS and LL.M

The last point of this notification stated that those who have done 18 years of education that is equal to M.Phil and MS are also eligible to withdraw this allowance. All they have to do is to acquire an equivalent certificate from the HEC and after that apply for this allowance. They will definitely get this allowance.

The government also directed the heads of department to ensure the implementation of this allowance with effect from 01.08.2019.

Note: If you want to know the procedure to apply then click here to know.

Notification for grant of the Ph.D, M.Phil, MS and LL.M allowances is hereby given below:

Grant of Ph.D, M.Phil, and LL.M allowance notification 2019


Grant of Ph.D/D.Sc M.Phil and MS Allowances Notification 2011


Grant of LL.M allowance @ 50% of Ph.D Allowance


After downloading the notification you must verify your degree from HEC or apply for the Degree verification through your department. Both are the valid procedures that you can follow. In some department, the administration office will conduct the whole procedure whereas in many departments the employee himself go through the verification procedure and after that apply for the allowance in his department.

If you have any question regarding this Ph.D, M.Phil and LL.M allowance notification 2019 or want to know more about the procedure and way of getting this allowance then ask your question in the comment section below.


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