Kashmir Issue and Responsibility of the International Community

It’s been more than 70 years and the Kashmir issue is still pending. Kashmiri people are looking to the international community for the resolution of their dispute.

Many generations of Kashmiris became young. Decades have passed, and resolutions have been passed which are still awaiting the attention of the international community.

Kashmir Issue and Role of the International Community

India has completely illegally and illegally occupied Kashmir, against which thousands of Kashmiri youth have sacrificed their lives. There is no cruelty, including violations of human rights, which has not been inflicted on the oppressed Kashmiris by the usurping Indian rulers.

It should be noted that 95% of the population in Occupied Kashmir are Muslims, who have been protesting against India’s usurpation of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir for the past seven decades. Surprisingly, despite all this, the international community has maintained a mysterious and shameful silence.

On August 5, 2019, the usurper India, in violation of its own constitution, abolished the special status of Occupied Kashmir and abrogated Article 370, and divided the state of Occupied Kashmir into two Union Territories, although the region was declared controversial at the international level has gone.

Apart from this, the United Nations has also recognized the right of self-determination and freedom of Kashmiris on this disputed territory, but India does not care about human rights and does not take into account international laws.

So, if the Kashmir problem is not a slap in the face of the United Nations and international powers, then what is it? Therefore, it can be said that the shameful silence of the United Nations and leading human rights organizations on the unresolved issue of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir for decades proves that all these organizations and the UNO only serve the interests of a few world powers.

There are institutions established for this, otherwise, Kashmiris are being martyred for the last 70 years. Occupied Kashmir is dyed in the blood of innocent and oppressed Kashmiris.

Occupying India has been occupying Kashmir for such a long time and holding millions of Kashmiris hostage. Important Kashmiri leaders including Yasin Malik and Shabir Shah are serving innocent sentences in Indian jails. The entire Occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been turned into a prison but the world is silent.

The residents of Occupied Kashmir, who are living in foreign countries, especially the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada, etc., are protesting against India’s usurpation of Kashmir and for the right to self-determination. In this regard, an event was held under the auspices of the Kashmir Global Council (KGC) in Frisco, Texas, in which KGC and South Asia Democracy Watch were also involved.

US Congresswoman Terri Meza was the chief guest in this symposium held on the Kashmir conflict. Apart from them, American media including well-known social activist Ms. Beverly Hill, various political leaders, academicians, and young students participated.

Speaking at the event, Chief Guest and US Congressman Terry Meza said that he is against any form of oppression. He emphasized the peaceful and just solution to the Kashmir issue keeping in mind the legitimate aspirations of the Kashmiri people. He urged the international community and especially the US to put pressure on India to end the politics of subverting the justice system and all discriminatory measures by India.

It is gratifying that international awareness is growing about India’s barbaric acts and worst and most inhumane atrocities in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. International human rights organizations are starting to wake up and raise their voices against human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir.

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Genocide Watch, and the US Commission on International Religious Freedom call for action to address ongoing human rights violations in Kashmir and provide justice for all. All reports call for the establishment of a commission of inquiry to conduct a comprehensive and independent international inquiry into allegations of human rights violations in Kashmir.

It is quite clear that according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people, which is their right, the establishment of peace in South Asia can only be possible with a solution to the Kashmir issue. Pakistan has and will continue to provide moral and diplomatic support to the oppressed and helpless Kashmiris. Kashmiris should be given their right to self-determination and Kashmiris should be allowed to decide their future through a free referendum.

How long will India maintain its usurpation of Kashmir through coercion and exploitation, trampling international laws, and violating human rights? The establishment of peace in this region is in any case subject to a just solution to the Kashmir issue, and the world needs to understand this.

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