How to Verify Degree from HEC

Do you know HEC is authorized to verify the degree of all the public and private college and universities? Yes its true the Higher Education Commission (HEC) is authorized to attest or verify the degrees from all public and private universities and affiliated college all over Pakistan.

These days HEC has introduced a new e-services portal for all type of degree and certification attestation.

HEC has launched a completely secure and robust online degree attestation system, which facilitates applicants to apply for degree attestation from their homes.

The applicants are required to apply through web link and submit online application form. The complete procedure is available in User Manual.

Applicants, who are already registered at this old link will now use same their username and password for long-in this new e-service portal of HEC

This video will also helpful in understand all this process:

After submitting the online application, all applicants who want to verify their degrees and certifications must follow this procedure:

1. Initial online Scrutiny of application by HEC

HEC will follow the following steps at the initial stage:

  • The application will be initially scrutinized online by HEC and If application found complete then applicants are informed via SMS and email;
  • If any deficiency is found in application then the applicant is asked via SMS and email to resubmit the case after meeting deficiencies. A task is assigned to applicant in “Task Assigned to me” section at eservices account.

2. Scheduling of Date & Time or Upload Courier Receipt

On the second, after successful scrutiny, applicant will be informed via SMS & email for:

  • Schedule his visit as per availability of time slot, if applied through walk-in mode; OR
  • Upload Courier Receipt after submitting documents at designated courier company, if applied through Courier Service: A task is assigned to applicant in “Task Assigned to me” section at eservices account.

There are two modes of Verification that HEC allows:

1. Scheduling of Date & Time (Walk-in Mode)

If you wish to send your documents through walk-in-mode service then you must following steps:

  1. In this case, applicant will schedule his/her visit for attestation of his documents by self-submission (if degree holder will visit HEC for attestation) or through authorized person (if degree holder cannot visit HEC and he/she authorized someone other for degree attestation purpose) and will bring all original documents along with a copy of the same, Bank challan form and a print out of the application form at the scheduled date and time.
  2. After first scheduling, if an applicant cannot find time to visit HEC offices for attestation, the applicant can re-schedule his visit.
  3. On visit at HEC, the applicant will take token and submit case at designated windows.
  4. After checking of the original documents, applicant will be asked to deposit fee submit hand over case to HEC staff at designated window.
  5. After due necessary procedure, documents will be returned on same day.

2. Upload Courier Receipt (Attestation through Courier Service)

If you wish to send your documents through courier service then you must following steps:

  1. After Successful scrutiny, applicant will receive a SMS & email for submission of case at nearest office of designated courier company and upload Courier Receipt. TCS is a designated courier company for applicants living within country and applicants living abroad will forward case to designated office of Gerry’s Fedex at Islamabad.
  2. The applicant is required to hand over all original educational documents, copy of CNIC, a printout of the application, other relevant documents along with Attestation Fee & Courier Charges to designated office of courier company.
  3. A receipt will be given to the applicant by the representative of Courier Company and the same will be uploaded by the applicant by claiming task in “My Task” section after log-in at eservices account.
  4. After receiving the attestation case at HEC, all applications are processed on a “first come first served” basis. The response time depends on the volume of applications received during a particular period.
  5. After completion of procedure at HEC the documents are handed over to TCS for onward return and applicant are informed via SMS and email in this regard.

Procedure of Degree Attestation through Walk-in-Mode

Appplications under walk-in urgent mode are attested and returned on same day of scheduled visit. Applications received through courier service are processed on first-come first-serve basis and returned to applicant via courier service. On completion of attestation process at HEC, applicants are informed via SMS and email.

Walk-in Mode (For Urgent Applications only): Under walk-in mode, an applicant can apply for degree attestation by self-submission or can authorize any person to get attestation of his documents on his/her behalf.

Procedure of Degree Attestation through Courier Service

If you wish to verify you degree through courier service then see the following step:

​​​​​​​HEC has officially designated the TCS Courier to facilitate the domestic attestation seekers for getting attestation of educational documents from all over Pakistan.

In this regard, the applicants will hand over the duly signed application form, required documents and attestation fee along with courier service charges at respective centers of Courier Service for the purpose of attestation.

The courier company will be responsible for returning the submitted documents back to the applicants at their specified/given addresses as per following rates.

Fee for Degree Verification by HEC

Attestation fee for each Original document is Rs. 1000/- and for each Photocopy is Rs. 700/-.

Photocopies of degrees and transcripts can only be attested if original documents are already attested by HEC. However, applicant may apply for attestation of original documents as well as of its photocopies in a single application.

See here the Fee of courier company for degree attestation from different parts of Pakistan.

Note: Fake documents(s) presented at HEC, will be confiscated and necessary action will be taken against the fraudulent person(s) as per approved policy/rules/law.

Provision of incomplete/ false information/uploads may cause inconvenience for you at later stage.

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