How to Use Turnitin for Students

Turnitin is the world-leading plagiarism checker tool. Almost every university in the world chooses Turnitin for their project plagiarism reports. So in this article, you will learn how to use Turnitin for students for checking plagiarism. By using Turnitin Account for Students you can easily have your project similarity index report.

How to Use Turnitin for Students or Instructors is not so difficult. First, you should know that a Turnitin account is not easy to make. You have to have university access or university main email access before you make an account in Turnitin. Turnitin, which is widely considered to have the most extensive database, does not post its prices, using a private quote system instead. But the evidence shows that it cost $2 per student per year. So, this is not free software to use. Below you will find the method to use Turnitin for checking plagiarism.

Log in

First, you have to log into the website of Turnitin using the email address and password. after that, you have to get the Class ID and Enrollment Key from your Instructor or administrator of the Turnitin account. Most likely the librarian of any university holds the master account of Turnitin.

Enrolling in a Class

To start checking plagiarism in your project file you have to get a Class ID and Enrollment Key from your instructor. As the students are not allowed to have these. After getting the Class ID and Enrollment Key, you should create a class for uploading your project file.

Uploading the Project File

When you have both the Class ID and Enrollment Key the next step is to upload your document into the Turnitin database. For this purpose, click on the “Submit” button in front of your class name. A new window will show up. In the video choose where you have kept your document file. You can upload the document from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Similarity Index Report

When you upload the document into the Turnitin database, Turnitin will start analyzing your project file. First, it will show a glimpse of your project file that how many pages, words, and characters your uploaded file have. After that click on the “Return” button. When you came back you will have a similarity index percentage in line with your Class Name.

This is the real percentage of Similarity in your uploaded project file. Now if you want to download this similarity index file you can simply the “View” button near the “Re-Submit” button.

On the right-hand side, you will your similarity index number and right beneath the similarity index you will a download button. Press the download button once. A small window pops up. Now Press the Current View option to get your project file downloaded.

For more information, you can watch this video here. It will enhance your understanding of using the Turnitin Account as a Student and Teacher.


If you have any questions regarding the Use of your Turnitin Account you can ask in the comment section below. Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated.

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