How to Get Salary Slip for Government Employees Online

Do want to know how to Get Salary Slip for Government Employees Online? The government of Pakistan has made it very easy for all government employees to get their salary/pay slips online. Here, you will know how you can get your salary slip online easily.

Get Salary Slip for Government Employees

You have to follow some of the steps to get the salary/pay slip online.

Open the PIFRA website.

The interface will look like this.

PIFRA Salary Slip
PIFRA Website Interface

Step 1: you will enter the government code you are working in. For example; F = for Federal Government, P = for Punjab, KP = for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, B = for Balochistan, DGP = District Govt Punjab, K = Kashmir, DGN = District Govt KP, GB = Gilgit-Baltistan, GBC = GB Council , C = Kashmir Council.

Step 2: you will enter the Employee’s Personnel Number in the relevant box.

Step 3: After that, enter your “Your CNIC or Old NIC”.

Step 4: In the next box, you will enter your “Date of Birth”.

Step 5: In the cell number box, please enter your valid mobile number which is registered in your name.

Finally, click on the verification button.

The next window will show up in the footer panel in which you will enter your Email Address. Please make sure you have entered the correct spellings of the email address.

When you enter y our Email address successfully, your all salary slips will be sent monthly to this given email address.

So, this is how you can register yourself on the PIFRA website for getting your salary slips online. This is the complete method of how to get salary slip for government employees online.

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