How to Claim Life Insurance in Pakistan Fast and Easy

Claiming life insurance is very important if you have family and you are concerned about their safety and security. Life Insurance gives financial security to the policyholder. An insurance policy is like a contract for a particular time period between the company and the policyholder. State Life insurance policy is based on multiple-year policies, mostly between 5 to 20 years. The Insurance Company is bound to pay back the insured amount that that specific time period.

You can claim your life insurance in Pakistan by simply following the steps given in this article. In this article, you’ll about how you can claim life insurance in Pakistan. Furthermore, what are the procedures and required documents?

You can claim life insurance upon such incidents, in case of death of the insured person, or after the maturity of your insurance policy.

Availing of life insurance is a kind piece of cake. You talked to an insurance agent and your policy is done within a few hours. When it completes its maturity period then you must know some of the steps to claim this. After all, in many cases, the same agent will not help you.

You can also watch this video tutorial.

Many of you are people who even don’t know the simple procedure of claiming life insurance. So, they went to the same insurance agent to claim it. Unlike the time of availing insurance policy, this agent traps you in many different formalities. The Agent will ask you to pay for some of the things that you actually don’t even know. But you are helpless, and you gave him the money.

I suggest you read this article for claiming your life insurance in Pakistan without any hurdle from a corrupt agent.

Step 1: If the death of the insured person is not natural then, you have to require an FIR copy and the medical certificate of the hospital. In case the death is natural and in the hospital then only a medical report of that hospital is required.

Step 2: You should complete your documents to claim policy as soon as possible. You must complete these documents within 30 days of the death of the insured person.

Step 3: The documents you required are:

  • Original Policy File
  • Copy of CNIC
  • CNIC copy of the Nominee (to whom the insured person had nominated in the policy) person on behalf of the deceased. One thing to remember that is only the real nominee can claim the insurance amount.
  • Last Premium report of life insurance (last insurance installment)
  • If you are claiming after the maturity of your insurance policy and now you have changed your signature now then you have to submit a specimen of your changed and older signatures.

Step 4: When you complete your documents you have to submit them to the company. Please write the correct name and spelling of the insured person.

After that few people from the insurance company will conduct some of the verification about your case. When they complete their verification process you will be paid the amount of insurance. It may take 10 to 20 days as per the case may be.


I hope this article will be helpful in claiming your life insurance. Must give your feedback in the comment section below about your experience of claiming life insurance in Pakistan.


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