How to Change Address on CINC

Do you want to know about changing your address on CINC from NADRA? In Pakistan, NADRA is authorized to provide national Identity Card to all citizens. In this article, I am going to share with you how you can change your address on CINC from NADRA. Before going deep into this first analyze why people have to change their addresses on NIC.

Why Changing the Address on NIC is Important?

In CNIC there are two types of dresses that were printed on the back side of the CNIC, first is a temporary address and the second is permanent. A temporary address means you are staying at a particular address for a short period of time. The permanent address shows that you are a permanent resident of that address.

So, once you moved to a new address whether temporary or permanent you have to update this address on your NIC. Because your NIC is legal proof. Whether you live in Pakistan or outside Pakistan you have to update your address on your CNIC.

Requirements for Changing in Temporary Address

Your temporary address is showing where you are currently residing. It States your current location. You can receive all your post office mails at this address where you temporarily living.

Nadra has some policies to change your temporary address which are as below:

  • Computerized utility bills like electricity gas or water can be used to change the temporary address the bills can be in your name or your spouse our parent’s name
  • Any property documents in your name or in the name of your parents
  • A verified local domicile can be used to change the address
  • And in the last, you can use an affidavit or rent deed from the house owner in case you are his tenant

Requirements for Changing in Permanent Address

A permanent address is where you belong permanently.

For changing the permanent address the policies are almost the same as the temporary address only one thing to change is:

  • The computerized utility bills like electricity gas or water should be in your name
  • Using the government allotment letter if you are living permanently there
  • An affidavit along with an ID card copy or property
  • property documents of the house owner to change the permanent address can also be seen by NADRA officials.

Documents Required for Changing Address on NIC

For changing the temporary or permanent address on your NIC, you have to provide the following documents except for those documents that are mentioned above:

  • Your Original National Identity Card (NIC)
  • Original NIC of your Blood-Relative or Wife or Husband, with the same address – OR
  • Original Utility Bill on your Name & Permanent Address

Fee Details for Chanign Address on CNIC

NADRA will charge the following fee for different types of documents:

Types Service
Normal Urgent Executive
New CNIC PKR 0 PKR 1150 PKR 2150
CNIC Modification PKR 400 PKR 1150 PKR 2150
CNIC Duplicate PKR 400 PKR 1150 PKR 2150
CNIC Renewal PKR 400 PKR 1150 PKR 2150
New Smart NIC PKR 750 PKR 1500 PKR 2500
Smart NIC Modification PKR 750 PKR 1500 PKR 2500
Smart NIC Duplicate PKR 750 PKR 1500 PKR 2500
Smart NIC Renewal PKR 750 PKR 1500 PKR 2500
CNIC Cancellation (Due to death) PKR 50
CRC New/Duplicate/Modification PKR 50 PKR 500
FRC PKR 1000 PKR 1000

For other fee details, you can visit the official NADRA website.

How NIC is Delivered to You?

As far as the temporary address is concerned, home delivery is an option where you can change your temporary address and the card will be delivered to your mentioned home address.

You just have to tell the NADRA Operator the house no, street no, town, or sector no which is compulsory.

House No:
Street No:
Sector No:
Town No:

And your NIC will be delivered to you within the given time.

So, this is the complete method of changing your address on CNIC from NADRA.

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