How Reforming Pakistani Political Society Possible?

Here I’ll discuss how reforming Pakistani political society is possible. I’ll start discussing this issue with the ongoing situation in Pakistan. The basic point has to be recognized that even after the change of government or regime change, both the country’s politics and economy are suffering from instability. The political confrontation between the government and the opposition has also increased.

There is a narrative of Imran Khan’s political resistance and conspiracy and on the other hand, there is a narrative of his opponents which is a defensive narrative. The confrontation is not in Pakistan’s interest in any way. The current coalition government is trying to improve the context of politics and the economy, but the economy is still not under control.

As a result of political mistrust, both political and economic stability are two-fourths of the crisis situation. Similarly, the logic that was being given was that the world powers and the international financial institutions will take the lead in establishing new economic possibilities together with the new government.

They have also not come forward completely. First of all, a written agreement has not yet been possible with the IMF, and the stories of the agreement that are coming out increase the severity and severity of the crisis.

A new demand of the IMF has also come that now the system of monitoring the economic affairs of Pakistan and the authority to appoint the people connected with it will also be with the same organization and it will decide who will do the monitoring process.

Although the new government consists of thirteen parties, first of all, the political burden of this government is on the shoulders of the Muslim League-N, their government at the center and Punjab level are based on a few votes. Thirteen parties are part of the Shahbaz government and also participate in the distribution of power, but they are not ready to bear the government’s burden or take criticism of themselves.

For this reason, a section of the Muslim League-N has reservations about allies. For the first time, the intensity with which the centers of power are being criticized on social media is itself thought-provoking.

A certain group of educated people is boldly taking the lead in criticizing institutions, this is not in the interest of the country. The politics of backlash in all parties could be more serious.

A group of the young generation thinks that what has happened here in the name of the change of government is wrong and they believe Imran Khan’s conspiracy theory to be correct. One of the problems of the centers of power is that the strong political narrative that should have run in their support is not being seen.

At present, Imran Khan is playing aggressively out of the crease in the political arena. His followers and his narrative are spreading on social media, his speeches cannot be ignored even by official media. Is Shahbaz Sharif’s government completes its term, it will face resistance from Imran Khan in the political field. And he will not allow the government to stabilize in any case.

How political confrontation or political mistrust can bring the politics of this country out of the crisis, nothing can be said about it, actually when the political campaign. Gambling or political adventures without any political strategy or political prudence will result in what we are facing in the present situation.

Today’s ruling parties have succeeded in overthrowing the government of Imran Khan, but in the subsequent situation, they are facing various problems. One problem is the immediate elections, on which Imran Khan is adamant that there will be no one without it. There can be no compromise or negotiation.

The second position is that of the government, which wants to complete its term and go to the elections. There is a political conflict between these two points. When Imran Khan calls for new elections, his addressee is not the government but the center of power. Because they think that they have the decisive position.

Pakistan’s political crisis will not be solved by just new elections because new elections and their results will also create new problems. The atmosphere that will be created after the results of the by-elections in Punjab will also give rise to new confrontations because the results of these elections will not be accepted easily. The issue is about new rules of games in national politics. But the question is who will make the new rules of the game.

It must be understood that our crisis has turned into an economic crisis and not just a political one, and we need extraordinary measures to get out of this crisis. Whatever decisions will be made in these extraordinary measures can only be possible through mutual consultation or discussion.

But how the political parties can build trust in each other and come together is itself a big challenge and seems difficult in the current scenario. But the reality is that nothing will be possible without mutual consultation of all the parties. Whenever we try to see, judge, or deal with issues related to national politics on the basis of individuals, the state problems will be more serious as a result.

The big question is whether the parties really want to solve the problems or they consider it in their interest to carry the problems along in the same traditional way. The important issue is that whichever party wants to solve the problems, then the first basic condition is to take it out and start the process of reformation.

That is, he neither wants to involve himself in the process of reform nor is he ready to make himself accountable at any level, and in the case of the president, the reform agenda is left behind.

To conclude the above sentences, it can be understood that the main problem in Pakistan is the rigid reforms and framework for which the stakeholders are not ready. This is the reason that neither we want to learn anything from their experiences or the possibilities that arise in the context of positive change in the world. They are ready for some extraordinary measures that can lead us towards improvement. This is also our biggest political tragedy.

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