How Mismanagement Causes Floods in Pakistan

The recent flood in Pakistan is not a curse from God but a true Mismanagement. In this article, I will support this argument that how mismanagement causes floods in Pakistan with some facts and figures. Those who didn’t do anything avoided the matter by saying that this flood is because of our actions, if that is the case, why are all the assemblies, all the corrupt politicians, all the corrupt rulers, and the courts safe? The true reason is this flood is true mismanagement by our current and previous governments.

Mismanagement is the Cause of Flood in Pakistan

In fact, it is not so, in my opinion, what man has created in the world is “Nature”, this “Nature” is sometimes calm, sometimes it changes, and sometimes it is a monotonous curve. This is nature and its rules and regulations were the same, are the same, and will remain the same.

But we also flirt with her and try to beautify her beauty, in return she brings floods, earthquakes, and storms to “hit” us, which is sometimes too much for humans to bear. Look at the region of Pakistan, as the temperature rose abnormally, nature took over and the monsoon rains became more intense than before. Instead of trying to find the reason for the rise in temperature in the region, we put all our efforts to cover up our poor planning and incompetence by pretending that it might be doom.

This is the punishment due to the corruption, incompetence, and looting of government institutions, politicians, ministers, and rulers. Now, if we build big illegal buildings on the waterway and the water will wash them away, it is a sign of human negligence, human crime, and human indifference!

Today, the situation of the dear country is that the waters of the rain-flooded rails have erased all the boundaries. Water is water everywhere. It is difficult to understand where there were houses, where there were farms, and where there were animals. In all four provinces, you can see scenes of destruction. The flood relays in Balochistan are sweeping away villages like straws. The situation is more alarming when all the political and government administrations are sleeping. Politicians keep doing politics.

Instead of helping the victims, they keep spending the funds to save the sinking ship and rudder of the government. And the government keeps saying that it is the “punishment” of Allah to cover up its incompetence. Our deeds are the punishment! The servant asked that the punishment should come only to the poor. Increase corruption and punishment on the people! And then if punishment were to come, then it would come on those corrupt people who looted the country’s money and ran away. It will come down to politicians who are quick to switch loyalties for their personal interests.

If chastisement comes, it will fall on adulterers and abusers, if chastisement comes, it will come on those who earn illegal profits, rather I will say that if chastisement comes, all the five assemblies of our country will not be spared. If punishment were to come, it would have come on those who issued the wrong licenses to build hotels on the banks of the river. Even today, we people try to save our lives by connecting our shortcomings with religion.

Punishment had come on Pharaoh and Nimrod, who was the ruling class and were disobeying. Nothing happened here to disobedient and looting rulers. Believe me, such videos are coming to the surface that makes people cry. Then fakers have also jumped into it and are spreading more misconceptions.

That is, instead of making a solid plan for this thing, we get acquitted by playing with religious sentiments. In my opinion, the current flood is not a punishment, but the result of our “mismanagement” and negligence, neither we can save the water nor use it, nor can we take advantage of this blessing in the right way. But at present, we are neither blocking these calamities nor preventing them.

Japan has the highest number of earthquakes and these earthquakes are as strong as the 2005 earthquakes in Pakistan (7.1-7.9). But there is never any loss of life or property, rather it is negligible. Rather, does anyone know that more than 24 large and small earthquakes occurred in Japan last year, but there was no noise anywhere, no loss of life? Rather, they have learned to live with “nature”. There, they have made earthquake-proof buildings to avoid accidents, concrete basements to avoid tsunamis, and where there is a danger of storms, the glass of the buildings is also made of bullet-proof type.

This is the situation in Europe, where heavy snow falls every year but they have made such arrangements that no tragedy ever happens. But here today, half of Pakistan has sunk once again, and the fear of a loss of 12 billion dollars is being shown, which means that Pakistan, which was kneeling before the IMF for one and a half billion dollars, suffered another loss of 12 billion dollars.


On the contrary, according to the report of an American think tank “World Resource Institute”, approximately 715,000 people are affected by floods in Pakistan every year, as a result of which the annual loss of the country’s GDP is about one percent, i.e. 1.7 billion dollars. As a result of its secondary effects, 2.7 million people could be affected by river floods annually in Pakistan by 2030. However, there is still a need to upgrade the country’s dilapidated early warning system and flood rails in flood-prone cities. The latest technology needs to be installed to reduce the losses.

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