How Many Times Paternity Leave for Males and Total Period of Leave

You are aware that the Punjab Government has already issued a notification regarding paternity leave for male employees. There are many inquiries regarding the admissibility of paternity leave and its duration.

Amount of Paternity Leave and Period of Leave

Based on the Notification Number The Finance Department clarified in FD.SR.ll-9-107/2012, dated 30 October 2023, that male Punjab Government employees are eligible for paternity leave in the following ways:

  • there are a total of 7 days of paternity leave
  • an employee can avail of one full pay
  • there will be no deduction from the leave account
  • a male employee can avail of paternity leave only two times during his whole service
  • no head of department permission is needed. Your immediate boss can grant you paternity leave.

Summary of Paternity Leave

Based on the information presented above, we are able to draw the conclusion that male employees of the Punjab Government are eligible for seven days of paternity leave each time, but only twice during their entire employment.

This type of leave will be granted to employees at full pay. They won’t have to take money out of their paychecks for this. In most cases, the employee’s leave is deducted from the leave account balance; however, the employee’s paternity leave is not deducted from the leave account balance.

The employee’s immediate supervisor has the authority to provide the employee with maternity or paternity leave.

Prior to this, a Senate Bill provided female government employees with six months of maternity leave. This bill did not receive any attention from the government. This Senate bill had no effect on the employees.

A three-month paternity leave policy for male employees was also included in this bill. Employees greatly benefit from such leaves. Family caregivers benefit greatly from paternity leave in particular.

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