High Court Clarifies the Up-Gradation of Computer Operators in Punjab

The Lahore High Court clarifies the up-gradation of the post of Computer Operators all over Punjab. Lahore High Court in his letter number 2045/LCE/1E/VII.B.3(02) date 10.12.2021 directed all the District & Sessions Judges in Punjab regarding up-gradation of the Computer Operators. The complete detail of the up-gradation is given below:

On 06 December 2021, the Finance Department of Punjab advised the Lahore High Court, Lahore with his letter number FD.PC.40-43/2017(E(2021) dated 06 December 2021 for grant of Time Scale promotion / up-gradation in BS-16 on completion of 8 years regular services as Computer Operator with prescribed qualification of graduation. The finance department advised that:

I am directed to refer to your letter No.1014/LCE/IE/VII.B.3(02)-58354, dated 09.10.2021. on the subject noted above and to state that Shahzada Nadeem is one of the petitioners in WP No. 5407/2020 disposed of vide Order dated 21.09.2021 with the direction to worthy Finance Secretary to decide the representation of the petitioners. A personal hearing was held on 26.10.2021.

Speaking Order has been issued on 09.11.2021; wherein, the incumbents of the post of Computer Operator (BS-14) including the above applicant, keeping in view the prescribed qualification, have been declared to be entitled to up-gradation / re-designation as Computer Operator (BS-15) in light of Sr.No.2 of the table in pars-1 of Notification No.FD.PC.40-43/2017(E), dated 14.12.2018 read with clarification No.FD.PC.40-80/2015(115/19), dated 03.09.2019 and they have also been declared to be entitled to Time Scale Personal Up-gradation (TSPU) with effect from the date of completion of 8 years regular service in light of pars-1(v) of Notification No.FD.PC.40-43/2017(E), dated 14.12.2018.

I am further directed to state that the applicant is claiming Time Scale Promotion / up-gradation as Senior Computer Operator (BS-16) w.e.f. 28.02.2017 (date of completion of 8 years regular service as Computer Operator (BS-14) as his date of appointment was in 2009. Whereas the above policy is effective from 14.12.2018. Hence, he would be entitled to Time scale promotion /up-gradation as Senior Computer Operator (BS-16) w.e.f. 14.12.2018 (date of introduction of Policy) instead of 28.02.2017 (date of completion of 8 years regular service as Computer Operator BS-14).

Brief Explanation

After reading the above words, you may not be able to understand it all. Now let me explain this to you in brief. You very well know that there is a debate is going on Computer Operators community regarding the up-gradation of their posts. The finance department’s previous up-gradation letter of 14.12.2018 was very confusing and still is. Actually, that was not up-gradation but a re-designation.

But now a Computer Operator, Shehzada Nadeem, from Sessions Court, Lahore filed a writ petition, and in reply to that writ petition the Finance department issues this clarification. The Finance department advised the Registrar Lahore High Court Lahore that you have read in the above lines.

Now the things are clear by Lahore High Court by accepting this advice of the Finance Department and clarifying All-District & Sessions Judge, in Punjab regarding time scale promotion /up-gradation of computer operators after 8 years of regular service since the initial appointment and the timescale promotion since the issue of notification of 14.12.2018.

Furthermore, the Finance department re-designated the computer personals, in December 2018, who have the minimum revised qualification. As far as the up-gradation is concerned, it will be effective from 14.12.2018 after the incumbent policy.

So, now all the Computer Operators are re-designated in their respective scales whether they were in BS-14 or BS-15 and they all are due to get timescale promotion after successfully completing their 8 years regular service from the date of appointment.

Now let’s have a look at the letter that Lahore High Court wrote to Sessions Judges in all Punjab.

Lahore High Court Up-gradation Letter to Sessions Judges in Punjab

I am directed to refer to the subject cited above and to forward, herewith, a copy of letter No.FD.PC.40-43/2017(E)(2021) (33824-33301), dated 06.12.2021 received from the Government of the Punjab, Finance Department, containing advice regarding Time Scale Personal Up-gradation from Computer Operator (BS-14) to Senior Computer Operator (BS-16) in the case of Mr. Shahzada Nadeem, Computer Operator (BS-14), Sessions Division, Lahore, for information.

I hope now you can understand this matter properly. Find below the Finance Department and Lahore High Court letter to Sessions Judge in all Punjab.

Finance Department Notification FD.PC.40-43/2017(E)(2021) Dated 06.12.2021

Finance Department Notification FD.PC.40-432017(E)(2021) Dated 06.12.2021

Lahore High Court to Sessions Judges in Punjab Notification No. 2045/LCE/1E/VII.B.3(02) Dated 10.12.2021

Lahore High Court to Sessions Judges in Punjab Notification No. 2045/LCE/1E/VII.B.3(02) Dated 10.12.2021


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