Get to Know About Chief Minister Hunarmand Nojwan Program

In this article, you will know about the Chief Minister Hunarmand Nojwan Program. The Chief Minister Hunarmand Nojwan Program is launched for the betterment of the Youth of the Province of Punjab. Chief Minister (CM) has inaugurated the Chief Minister Hunarmand Nojwan Program on 14.12.2019 at the Main Auditorium of Convention Center, Expo Centre Lahore.

The complete detail of Chief Minister Hunarmand Nojwan Program is given under:

Total Amount Reserved for Hunarmand Nojwan Program

In this program, 100,000 additional youth of Punjab Province will be entertained. The total amount that is reserved for this task will be 1.5 Arab Rupees which is equal to 15 Billion Pakistani Rupees. The Technical Educational and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA) has designed about 56 different courses for this program.

The Objective of the Courses

As the CM has told that the main objective behind this Hunarmand Nojwan Program is to utilize the youth of the province for the economic development of Pakistan and especially for the province of Punjab which is an economic hub of the Country. Earlier and before this Hunarmand Nojwan Program, the Government has already started an E-Rozgar Program for the youth. The main purpose of the E-Rozgar Program is to train the youth for the latest and online programs so that they can earn money of their own.

This is a highly appreciatable work by the Punjab Government and I urge that such programs must be started in all over Pakistan as soon as possible.

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