“Freedom of Speech” and Growing Psychological Problems

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction. In Pakistan, we have seen these days, there is an enormous amount of use of illegal, un-cultural, and unethical opinions. By taking the stand of Freedom of Speech you can say anything without any context which creates serious psychological problems in our society. In this article, I will explain the growing psychological problems in Pakistani Society due to the unfair use of “Freedom of Speech”.

Some attitudes are becoming more and more prominent in our society and I am totally unaware of them. This is not good news at all for a “journalist” who has retired from practical reporting and is accustomed to giving speeches under the pretext of column writing. To understand the flight, however, it is necessary to state the background.

For years, I have been in the habit of dedicating the days of both Eids only to my family, close friends, and acquaintances. In this context, it was discovered at a dinner party that a significant number of the relatively affluent sections of Islamabad, like Americans and Europeans, have begun to turn to psychologists. It takes months, not weeks, to get it.

Experts who diagnose and provide solutions to human psychological problems are basically divided into two types. The famous Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud is considered to be the founder of this type of treatment. It is usually called “psychoanalysis”.

Decades later, however, a new team of psychologists emerged. Thanks to research into human medical problems, they discovered that a person’s past and the events that befell his heart were not the root cause of his psychological problems. Would be Our blood also contains a variety of chemicals.

In order to live a normal life, they must be maintained in the prescribed proportions. If this ratio deteriorates, man becomes “crazy”. Psychologists, therefore, try to detect “chemical imbalances” in your chemicals and to keep you happy through well-researched medications.

Such a specialist is called a “therapist”. I have also received the news that the residents of Islamabad who are feeling psychologically confused that these days the experts are more than “psychoanalysis”. Looking for an effective “therapist”. Take your problem like a headache or blood pressure and seek treatment with the help of medicines.

The information I received did not bother me at all. I was rather satisfied to know that our literate and relatively well-to-do class no longer considered “insanity” to be a psychological problem. Doesn’t even feel the need. We have even started consulting doctors.

The desire has arisen that more and more of our people should adopt such an attitude. After this desire arose, the idea came that what percentage of people in our society would be willing to treat mental disorders as medical diseases do not. Even if they appear in large numbers, millions of people who are entangled in the concrete problems of daily life do not have the resources to approach them. They will be forced to find a cure for their sorrows only through “Dum Durood” or “Jadutone”.

Ghalib had termed “phlegmatic temperament” as the main cause of his mental illness. Observing the politics of the country for the last decade, I often thought that the collective temperament of our nation is also “phlegmatic”. I express myself with the state of “Masha in Tola-Pul”. Blind hatred and devotion have gradually but apparently made this state disappear. Now there is no more constant anxiety. Constant anger and hatred have taken their place.

Afaq is a novelist from Turkey. His name is Orhan Pamuk. Istanbul is his hometown with which he is in love like crazy. After careful observation of the residents of this city, he claimed that the collective mood of Istanbul is in a state of constant “sadness”.

In our country, “sadness” is always used in conjunction with sadness. “Sadness” is not a condition of one’s self. Critics of Urdu literature believe that Mir Taqi Mir, one of the foremost founders of Urdu ghazal, was affected by it for the rest of his life. The deal was the exact opposite of that. The collective mood of my nation that I see these days, my barren mind is unable to give it a name.

There is a “disruption” in our “phlegmatic mood” but of course, it has entered. The incident that took place with Ahsan Iqbal in Bhairah between Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. She was astonishing to me.

The people who had raised their voices against Ahsan Iqbal on the day of Eid, but when they reached his house, they apparently sincerely apologized to him. Felt In English, this condition is called Mood Swings. Blind hatred, but also behind it, is engaged in finding the “pressure” of the “imported government”.

Examples are being given of the United States and the United Kingdom where angry people lay dirty eggs on their unpopular politicians and do not apologize. I don’t know what to call such arguments.

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