First Case of Facial Prosthesis and Implantation in Pakistan

On December 14, 2022, the good news was heard that the team of doctors at Jinnah Sindh Medical University has accomplished the First Case of Facial Prosthesis and Implantation in Pakistan. This is an amazing feat and on hearing this news, all the confusion became camphor and the heart became happy. This news went viral on all media and spread like wildfire.

Our heads were raised with pride because this feat was accomplished by the doctors of Pakistan. The greatest joy was that this feat was accomplished by our Pakistani doctors.

The details are that the Department of Prosthodontics of Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Sub-Dental College, Sindh Institute of Oral Health Sciences, recently completed the first case of facial prosthesis and implantation with great success.

Head of the Prosthodontics Department Professor Dr. Mehmood Hussain led an eight-member team including Senior Registrar Dr. Mehwish Khan, 7 residents, and support staff operated on the patient from District Umarkot Thar Parkar by an ENT surgeon. , played a key role in the successful replacement of internal parts of the nose and mouth with prostheses while technical services were provided in collaboration with Western Laboratories.

Maxillofacial Prosthodontics is a branch of Prosthodontics in which such cases can be treated, the founder member of the Pakistan Prosthodontic Association Professor Dr. Nazia Yazdani is credited with introducing this field.

Jinnah Sindh Medical University Vice-Chancellor Professor Amjad Siraj Memon congratulated the team of SIOHS and the Department of Prosthodontics for crossing the important milestone and said that people who have faced disfigurement due to an accident feel alone in society.

In this way, the process of implanting artificial organs in JSMU will play an effective role in connecting these people with society and the said people will be able to lead a confident life.

SIOHS Dean Prof. Yawar Ali Abidi and Principal Prof. Zubair Abbasi appreciated the efforts of the Department of Prosthodontics and assured all possible support for the management of prostheses.

In today’s turbulent times, when big and good institutions are declining, the exemplary performance of Jinnah Sindh Medical University is highly commendable and promising, the credit of which goes to the vice-chancellor of the institution, Professor Amjad Siraj Mumin. The Vice-Chancellor is requested to encourage his subordinates more.

In this regard, our proposal is to recommend to the government Tamgha Hussain for Prof. Mahmood Hussain and award special certificates and prizes to the team involved in this outstanding performance. Amjad Siraj Memon is a bright and worthy example for his counterparts, such people are a great and valuable asset for the country and nation.

Dentistry in Pakistan had its beginnings before the establishment of Pakistan in the form of De Montmorency College, the first dental college of the subcontinent, but the situation was not very encouraging till 2000. After the year 2000, people became more aware of dentistry. Along with this, government and private dental colleges were also established.

CPSP which is a famous institution of postgraduate medical education in Pakistan has also done a lot of work in dentistry after 2000 years. There has been a lot of innovation in dental treatment and modern methods in our country too. There has been a very positive development in terms of cars.

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