Expanding network of NGOs in Pakistan

NGO’s means Non-Governmental Organizations came into being in the 19th century. These organizations are engaged in welfare work by receiving funds from developed countries. Their activities focus on the welfare of children, youth and women as well as the welfare of the elderly and disabled. In this article I am going to share how the network of NGOs is expanding rapidly in Pakistan.

Network of NGOs in Pakistan

Along with helping poor people, they are also doing things like confinement in jails, welfare of prisoners, reformation of criminals and welfare of beggars. Provision of medical facilities, social education, adult education, justice provision, especially the rights of minorities and their problems seem to be trying and struggling.

The matter could have been ignored if it was limited only to the acquisition of funds and its manipulation, but the fact is that western ideas are not only propagated but also promoted through these NGOs in an invisible way.

The main purpose of which is to destroy the Eastern traditions, cultural heritage, especially the family system, and keep people away from religion. For this purpose, Islamic teachings include misleading people from Islam by creating confusion and intellectual chaos.

Most of the NGOs are actively working for the establishment of a mother-father-free society by raising false slogans of women’s freedom. They are further encouraged to rebel against the family, which fosters a culture of running away from home.

Any respectable family avoids to be related to the affected family, which makes the future of other boys and girls from both sides of the family dark. Thus the family is socially destroyed. I don’t know whether the allegations against NGOs are based on facts or just propaganda. Only students of politics can give a better answer to this.

Expanding network of NGOs in Pakistan, in my personal opinion, NGOs seem to be engaged in the struggle to solve public problems by highlighting them. Religious political and religious parties should not ignore these problems by naming them as unreal problems, but should consider them in an unemotional manner.

These organizations are not only engaged in welfare work, but they not only respond to any issue of public interest, especially the violation of human rights and every injustice against the society, but also challenge them and in their struggle Success is achieved by involving the influential classes, lawyers, bureaucrats, journalists, judges, teachers and students, who are called civil society.

Despite all these services, religious and religious political parties not only show distrust on these organizations but also make serious allegations against them.

You must have heard the name Save the Children NGO. Due to anti-Pakistani activities, the Pakistani government asked him to leave the country, his offices were sealed, the charity was accused of tracking down Osama bin Laden for the CIA. There are 64,719 NGOs registered in Pakistan while currently 48,737 NGOs are inactive and around 15,982 NGOs are active.

Various NGOs have submitted 1165 applications to the Economic Affairs Division for registration. Of these, 614 applications were approved and 213 rejected, while 338 applications are awaiting clearance. According to the Ministry of Interior, there are 552 local NGOs operating with external funding in Pakistan, including 117 from the US and 107 from the US.

Others are funded by the UK. 106 out of 140 international NGOs were registered in Pakistan. After 9/11, the number of NGOs started to increase. This process accelerated after the devastating earthquake in Kashmir and the Northern Territories in 2005, then natural disasters such as the floods of 2010 and 2011 forced the government to seek the support of NGOs. Active is an NGO, which provides funding to the NGO sector in consultation with the federal and provincial governments.

At this stage the government bureaucracy also gets involved. After the US sanctions on Pakistan in 1990, USAID suspended its activities here, but became active again during the Musharraf era. Net has neither reduced poverty nor increased literacy rates. This does not mean that every NGO is bad, but it is very important to investigate, if you go to an event, it gives the impression that they are only sharing the pain of the poor.

Every passing day heralds an increase in poverty and ignorance. It was always sad that the number of “NGOs” are busy. Accordingly, the results were never seen. Apart from the original, the fake organizations also have at least crores of rupees.


Now it is the duty of the government to take effective and immediate action against these bogus schools like these bogus schools opening in the streets. Apart from this, a third party audit should also be conducted on all these “NGOs” who are working in the name of dozens of organizations but their services are limited. The results of this research showed that the problems are based on facts. So, a clear action plan should be adopted to eliminate these problems. Only by adopting this strategy can the role of NGOs doing negative activities in Pakistan be neutralized.


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